Top 10 Best Head and scalp Massager in India – 2021

Here is the list of the best head and scalp massager in India in 2021 with all its details, with their unique features and pros/cons.

Gone are those days, when body pain warranted a masseuse at an expensive price to relieve the pain. The body massagers and face massagers were invented and soon enough, scalp massing became important.  The specialist used to do it with the hands, which provided temporary relief, but things never improved, as it was a temporary measure. Even the scalp participated in bodily functions and the importance of a good scalp became vital.

Hair growth was one, but then the blood circulation factor was vital for this purpose. Along came the next innovation, which was the scalp massager. They were waterproof and could be used while showering, even though the area was watery. This led to many variations in developing the scalp massager, and battery-operated massagers also came into force. The blood circulation was found enhanced, and the hair also became healthy. This led to a confident human, sporting a new look and belaying the age factor. The massagers grew thin and compact in size, so that would become part of their traveling attaché, and one could groom his hair before a function or office meeting.

The scalp massages were made lightweight as a person has to lift his hand over his shoulder, and that cannot be done if they came heavy. The bristles were made of Silicone and that proved to be scalp friendly. A few massagers were multi-purpose, where they would serve the head and the body, with detachable motorheads. The severe demand for the product, brought many companies to produce this product, and the prices became competitive. This, in turn, meant affordability to the common man and the scalp massager became a part of the household.

 List of top 10 best Head and Scalp massagers

1The Heeta Hair Scalp MassagerCheck price 
2Zyllion Scalp MassagerCheck price 
3Breo IPX7 Waterproof Portable Mini Scalp MassagerCheck price 
4FITTOP Electric Scalp MassagerCheck price 
5JSB HF135 Scalp Head Massager MachineCheck price 
6Robotech Trichoderma 3D Scalp, Head and Full Body Pain Relief MassagerCheck price 
7Lifelong LLM225 Rechargeable Head, Scalp and Full Body Pain Relief MassagerCheck price 
8QOZWEID® Magnetic Vibra Plus Head Massager Hairbrush Check price 
9Dealsure Magic MassagerCheck price 
10Inditradition USB & Battery Operated Portable 3 In 1 Head & Scalp MassagerCheck price 

1.The Heeta Hair Scalp Massager 


 •  Heeta is a hair massager that is waterproof and can be used while showering.

•        Heeta is also very light in weight, and very compact, occupying little space.

•        The grip around the Heeta massager and firm and it would not slip out easily.

•        The Antibacterial silicone helps remove the dirt and mold and further prevents it from surfacing again.

•        Suits all types of hair, how thick it is.

•        Women with long nails, need not fear, as the brush keeps the fingers far from the hair.

•        Rating:4.6

•        Warranty: one year.


•        Heeta can be packed and taken anywhere since it does not occupy space.

•        Heeta improves blood circulation in the scalp region

•        Prevents damage to a manicure.


•        The spokes in the brush, have limitations to flexibility. So, people with a scalp, which is very sensitive, would not feel the impact of the brush and it lands hard on their scalp.

•        Heeta application may lead to brittleness of hair for a few and may lay the foundation for Dandruff issues.

2.   Zyllion Scalp Massager


•        The Zyllion massager is a specialist on itch scalps.

•        It is suitable for all types of hair.

•        The bristles are designed in an innovative manner, and they locate the hair dirt parts, which would, later on, be washed away by water.

•        It provides a gentle massage.

•        The bristles are made of silicone, and thus does not break too easily.

•        Warranty: 3 Months and replaceable/money-back guarantee.

•        Ratings:4


•        Due to Silicone bristles, the antibacterial properties cleanse the hair deeper than before.

•        The Zyllione massager adapts faster to the type of hair in question and provides the necessary effects.

•        It works better with Cellulite cream and does not leave any trace of cellulite marks, or it is reduced to the minimum.


•        One should be educated to use this properly, or else the hair would get tangled in the brush.

•        Not advisable on dry hair.

•        The surface is too smooth and the grip might slacken too easily.

3. Breo IPX7 Waterproof Portable Mini Scalp Massager


•        Compact in size and can easily be transported.

•        The soft Silicon is eco-friendly and does not allow hair to get tangled.

•        Breo comes with four heads, which are capable of massaging the scalp.

•        Bro has a head massager, which is battery operated, and would work efficiently for 90 minutes if the charge is full.

•        It is waterproof and detachable, to enable periodic cleaning.

•        Breo kills headache issues after a proper massage.

•        Rating:4.4

•        Warranty: no warranty.


•        The product is designed to be Eco-friendly.

•        The maintenance is easy

•        reduces soreness and stiffness on the scalp

•        Battery operated, and hence usable any time.


•        The Breo would fit into hands which are not large fingered.

•        The battery has to be charged consistently.

4. FITTOP Electric Scalp Massager


•        The Fittop massager has an innovative design. It comes with four heads and provides a wholesome massage experience.

•        The Fittop hardly makes any noise.

•        All the massager heads are Ergonomically designed.

•        The massager is shaped like a human head.

•        Fittop massager is a specialist in eye, scalp and skin massage.

•        Very beneficial for women with breast hyperplasia.

•        Rating:4.2

•        Warranty: One year with thirty-days money-back policy.


•        There are two levels of speed setting. The lower speed caters to an experience of relaxation and the faster one, provides a massage experience.

•        It is handheld and is waterproof.


•        The only problem with the Fittop massager is that it is priced very expensive.

5. JSB HF135 Scalp Head Massager Machine for Deep Muscle Relaxation & Stress Relief (Waterproof)


•        The JSB HF 135, is a scalp massager, which has many modes of vibration.

•        Lesser complicated, since it has only one button.

•        The specialty of JSB HF 135, is to relive people of migraines and headaches related to stress.

•        It is waterproof and work on both Electricity and batteries.

•        There is a child lock-in, which is a rarity.

•        Rating:3.9

•        Warranty: One year.


•        It has one button only. The button would swing you to various modes of massage.

•        Child lock facility.

•        Compact as it is, it weighs very light.


•        It does not aid in hair growth.

•        Batteries are an expensive proposal.

6.Robotech Trichoderma 3D Scalp, Head and Full Body Pain Relief Massager


•        The Robotech has an auto switch off, once in ten minutes.

•        The Massager has two levels of speed. Low and high.

•        The main objective of this Robotouch Massager is to provide the head nerves total relaxation.

•        The one-button in this, doe all the functions. On and off, then the various level of speed.

•        It is a waterproof grade IPX:7.

•        The 3 D design lends it an aesthetic look.

•        It comes with four massager heads.

•        Rating:4.1

•        Warranty: One year.


•        It is very soothing for headaches and stiff nerves.

•        The 3 d design is unique.

•        It comes with a USB cable

•        It is rechargeable.


•        You need to recharge the batteries . for everyday use.

•        The massager is found to make noises when tilted.

7.Lifelong LLM225 Rechargeable Head, Scalp and Full Body Pain Relief Massager


•        LLM225 is a one-button, but four operations combination.

•        Its powerful nodes knead the scalp in the smoothest manner possible.

•        Blood circulation is enhanced, and thus new hair roots spring up in the scalp.

•        LLM225 massager heads are made of food-grade Silica Jell, and this applies gentle pressure on the skin.

•        LLM225 is waterproof, and rechargeable.

•        The nodes can be removed and cleaned.

•        Rating:4.5

•        Warranty: One year warranty. Extra six months, if product purchase is registered in the web site of the manufacturer within 15 days.


•        LLM225 is cordless.

•        Extended warranty.

•        It boosts hair growth.

•        LLM225 comes with a USB cable, for recharging.

•        Very suitable for people with high-density hair.


•        Recharging hassles are plenty.

•        An extended warranty may make you pay extra charges.

8.QOZWEID® Magnetic Vibra Plus Head Massager Hairbrush


•        Qozweid massager triggers the blood circulation very fast and maximizes the oxygen flow to the scalp.

•        The state of the hair does not matter. Wet or dry.

•        The front of the massager is meant for the scalp only. But the back of the brush is for the body.

•        It is a simple design but bears an aesthetic look.

•        Tipped Soft Nylon, is used to manufacture the bristles.

•        Sore necks are easily curable with this.

•        It controls Blood sugar and diabetes, due to enhancing and smooth blood circulation.

•        Rating: 5

•        Warranty: one year.


  • A multipurpose machine without changing anything,


•        The bristles on the brush would tend to break if pressed hard on the scalp.

•        There is no proper grip.

9. Dealsure Magic Massager


•        Deal sure, as the name indicates, provides complete massage from head to toe.

•        It works on the acupuncture points, which are on the palm and bottom of the feet, to trigger blood circulation and metabolism.

•        One of the motorheads is designed for massaging the scalp and stimulate the blood pressure directly.

•        Dealsure is the ideal way to get massaged once you are tired from sporting activity.

•        It has an ergonomic design.

•        All, the seven heads come with speed adjustments.

•        Rating: 4.6

•        Warranty: NO warranty.


•        A complete body massager at this price is unbelievable.

•        It increases the metabolism to burn away fat.

•        The nerve ends are targeted to stimulate blood circulation.

•        It removes the dirt from the scalp, and soothe the scalp skin.


•        Removal of heads and fitting the other one may spoil the massager, due to over-handling.

•        It has no warranty attached to it, which is a huge disadvantage.

10.Inditradition USB & Battery Operated Portable 3 In 1 Head & Scalp Massager


•        The Indi tradition is a specialist among head massagers.

•        The whole face can be subjected to this massager including the neck.

•        The Inditradition massager sets off blood circulation from the neck to the scalp.

•        The massager gives you a facelift, at the end of the session.

•        The massager has three purposes and heads to accompany it. One is the combing head, a cylinder roller, and a ball bump head.

•        It relieves you of stress, by kneading the scalp, with a gentle massage.

•        The massager helps you relieve make-up in the most professional manner.

•        It comes with a battery-operated system and a USB cable.

•        Rating: 3.6

•        Warranty: Only return back/replacement policy.


•        Inditradition can be used all over the face.

•        It has both the options of battery and power.

•        It provides quick relief from dizziness and headaches.

•        It relieves one of pain and stress 500 times faster than any other massager.


•        It does not come with, that is an extra cost.

•        Warranty is a replacement only.


As one can observe from the ranking above, quality massagers come in compact and at good prices too. The use-value of a Head massager is not quantifiable, especially when it comes in handy at times of headaches or even neck pain. It is a natural solution to people who have blood circulation issues, which triggers off the rest of the issues. The product has become a ‘hit’ in India, due to the competitive pricing and the benefit derived from it. It is certainly advisable for every household to have one at least if not more. The problem of multiple head massagers for one household is not necessary since all these heads and bristles can be washed away easily and ready for use by another person. It is wise, to choose the right one, which suits all.