9 Most Common Mistakes You’ll Find On YouTube

YouTube is a powerful platform that can help you build a successful business, but it’s also one of the most difficult platforms to use and make money on. In this article, we’ll be discussing the 9 most common mistakes people make on YouTube that stops them from succeeding at their goals.

Not Choosing Good YouTube Channel Concept

Choosing the right YouTube channel theme is important for your success as a YouTuber. You will want to make sure that you have a good niche and that you have a good “channel concept” before even starting your YouTube channel. Make sure that you have the YouTube channel concept and style in mind before even beginning your journey because it will greatly help you.

Not Searching The Right Keywords

When you’re looking for content on YouTube, it’s important to remember that search engines aren’t perfect. There may be a video that you want to watch but the keywords you used didn’t produce the results you were expecting. In this case, it might be helpful to search for more general terms like “videos about blog writing” or “videos about marketing.”

Not Creating Good and Catchy Titles

One of the most important aspects of YouTube is the title. You have to make sure that you have a catchy and attention-grabbing name for your video in order to get views. People are always scrolling through channels, so you want them to stop at yours when they see it or else you’ll miss out on potential opportunities.

Not Ensuring Your Videos Are Professional

A common mistake on YouTube is not ensuring that your videos are eye-catching and professional. One of the most important things for any YouTube video is good editing. You might think that these unprofessional videos are better because they’re less likely to offend, but they can actually hurt your brand. If you don’t have a professional video, people won’t trust you as much and will turn to your competitors instead. There are many video editing software available, but some of them are very hard to use and take a lot of time to master. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time editing your videos, you should consider investing in easy professional video editing software that suits your needs.

Not Consistently Uploading Content

One of the most common mistakes is not consistently uploading content. You won’t find views on videos that are uploaded once a month, but you will find views on videos that are uploaded on a weekly basis. The more often you upload your video, the greater your chance of building an audience. But, you can’t just upload videos and hope for the best. You need to be working with a content strategy. Your content strategy should be new videos at least every 1-2 weeks and consistent posting on social media.

Not Limiting Talking in Videos

If you watch a lot of videos on YouTube, you might have noticed that some people talk a lot more than others. Some videos are 10 minutes long and the person only talks for 1-2 minutes of it. This is because people want to show off their product and they want to go in-depth about it. You don’t need to say much or introduce the video before starting the video itself. Also if you have a point to make, you should say it quickly and make your point as clear as possible – especially if it’s an advertisement or sponsored content.

Not Using Subtitles

YouTube videos can be very difficult to understand if there are no subtitles. People who don’t speak English might have a hard time following along. Subtitles are really easy to add, but not many people do it. It is important for people who use YouTube on a regular basis to enable this feature so that they can enjoy what the video has to offer. Thus this will surely increase views from none native English speakers.

Not Making YouTube Posts Navigation Friendly

The problem is that not all YouTubers are great at making the experience of finding their videos intuitive. A common mistake is not making the videos navigation friendly. The most important content should be at the top and everything else should go after that. This will ensure that people know what to expect from the video before they watch it.

Not Tagging Your Posts

This can be a difficult mistake to catch because YouTube determines your tags based on user activity. You may not even notice the problem until you realize that none of your videos is being tagged properly. If this is happening, it’s important that you add the appropriate tags to all of your posts so they can be found by users looking for them.

It’s important to know these mistakes because these can create a bad reputation for you and your business, as well as make you look unprofessional.