5 tricks about custom cardboard boxes that must be implemented for powerful branding

Irrespective of what kind of products you manufacture, you need a rock-solid brand that stands out from the rest of your competitors. The product packaging can certainly help you with that, but not the one having zero personality. Custom cardboard boxes can help establish your brand and encourage people to buy. You might be aware of their integral role in the safe delivery of products, but from the marketing perspective, they are still under-utilized. Different techniques can be applied to personalize and make them look on-brand. Here are a few of the best ways you can express your brand with the help of these customized packages.

Buy up interaction:

The online marketplace is expanding more than ever before since more and more people prefer online purchases. Here, the significance of cardboard packaging becomes even more essential. Instead of going with a plain box methodology, make your packaging interactive with smart QR codes and NFC labels. In this digital world where everyone owns smartphones, there is a 100% probability that the QR codes will be scanned. This will redirect the customers to the official website of your company, where they will be provided with up-to-the-minute information. It ensures that the customers scanning the code will learn and recognize your brand. Another useful idea is to imprint the main hashtags of your company on the packages with discount coupons inside. It is great for intriguing the general audience about your social media presence, and they might start following you on digital platforms.

Communicate key features:

There are some significant details that could be of great assistance in establishing the identity of your own. A brand must communicate what it does, how it does it, and which are the values it stands for. Use cardboard boxes to reflect all your brand stories in front of the target audience. Simple additions in the form of specific colors can indicate the personality and value proposition of your company. Likewise, the corporate logo, contact address, and dedicated taglines can be imprinted on the boxes. All these elements have the potential to enable the audience to start recognizing and differentiate you from the rest of the businesses. When imprinting these company details, remember to follow a minimalistic design approach that maintains the legibility of printed information. This way, the customers are better able to understand your brand’s intend objective and what does it want from them.

Go for a distinguished outlook:

Sticking with a typical box design is a no wise strategy from your end. It fails you in terms of creating a product line differentiation and earning a distinctive reputation in the marketplace. It is, for this reason, you need to design cardboard packaging in a unique manner that helps you create your own brand experience. Its customization with beautiful graphics, high-impact colors, and creative content can help you along the way. These unique design elements emphasize why your company is unalike to other contenders dealing with the same product as you. Going for innovative manufacturing materials and selecting a decent box style also help your cause, just like the window cut design or slider box that gives a versatile display to your items.

Decent unboxing experiences:

Most of the time, businesses restrict their approach to the appearance of packaging only. But, the power of a great unboxing experience cannot be ruled out. Few of the renowned organizations cater to this need of the people quite well, just like Apple. Their multi-step box opening process is one of its kind, which has deepend the brand’s roots on social media platforms. You can see hundreds of videos on Instagram and YouTube regarding the unboxing of an Apple box. Several people around the world share and like those videos that increase the brand’s popularity even more. It is highly recommend that you work on creating an exceptional unboxing experience with your cardboard boxes. This experience might get share online, where you can spread the beans of your organizations’ admiration.

Highlight recyclability:

The adverse effects of climate change are no more a secret, as everyone is aware of them. It is happening due to the waste present in the environment, and the major contribution to this waste comes from packaging. Recent studies have discover that this contribution is almost one-third. The businesses using non-biodegradable packages are facing customers’ backlash as they are interest in living a greener lifestyle. To address this issue, use cardboard packages that are completely recyclable and never end up causing problems for the ecosystem. Remember to highlight the eco-friendly characteristic of your packages through a label or print. This will help in the demonstration of your company’s efforts towards sustainability, and it will grow in stature.

Planning goes a long way when you are thinking about the designing of custom printed boxes for your brand. Spend enough time on considering how they feel, attract, and reflect the personality of your brand. Such little considerations pay off in terms of publicizing your business to a wider pool of potential clients.