Top 10 best face massager machine in India – 2021

Here our guide to the top 10 best face massager machine in India in 2021 will help you to buy a good massager for your face.

The face is the first human body part anyone would see. The beauty of the face sets off the right tone for the rest of what you possess. However athletic you look, however well dressed yours takes a second spot, when it comes to the face. This face does not deteriorate into a bad shape all of a sudden. It happens with time, as we take on tensions, shocks, disappointments which somehow change the look. On the other hand, external facts like Dirt, oil, crease, blackheads, and pimples, also make it look unhealthy.

This was the very reason why the Face massager was invented and has been popular with both sexes. Face massagers come in all sizes and shapes, to suit people’s needs. Even though there is a commonality in its functions some massagers are way ahead in performance and some are ‘Specialists”. The others do the general job they are designed for.

The plus points in having a face massager are, that it cleans your face of all those deep-rooted oil pores, the blackheads which makes one look a bit uglier and this a youth like a look replaces the old face before such messages. Healthwise, the massager contributes a lot, like improving the blood circulation, and stress. Removing such tension stress from your face would make more people interact with you since none like a face that was always bearing a frown. The muscles on your face also get activated, rendering in the process, what your original face was.

What the face reflects, the body would adopt. With a smart confident look on your face, your body also gets into a ‘High” and as a result, you become more proactive. There would be that look of sincerity in you, and the positivity with which you handle all issues would never tire your brain, which only looks for good blood circulation and oxygen, to stay healthy. These facial massages aren’t that expensive, and it is better to have one at least in the household. Moreover, some massagers have multiple actions to perform and the body can be massaged too.

List of Top 10 Best face massager machines in India in 2021

Lifelong LLM126 Electric PortableCheck Price
ACI Acupressure Health Care India 3D YCheck Price
Health Sense Pure-Skin FB 09 Facial Cleansing BrushCheck Price
Lifelong LLM720 Rechargeable Face Cleansing MassagerCheck Price
Ecolife quality Products Stone anti-ageing Jade Roller MassagerCheck Price
Nova 5 in 1 Compact Face MassagerCheck Price
Braun Face 810 – Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush Check Price
Dr.Physio Electric Portable Cleopatra Waterproof Face CleanserCheck Price
Everything Jade: Jade Roller for Face Massager Check Price
Beauty Wan’s Silicone Vibrating Exfoliating Face Cleansing BrushCheck Price

1.Lifelong LLM126 Electric Portable Face Cleanser and Massager

Brush with 4 Brush Heads for Deep Cleansing, Scrubbing, Exfoliating, Removing Blackhead and Massaging.


LLM126 lifelong face massager has multiple functions in it. It has four interchangeable heads in it.

•        The four heads are meant to relax the tissues and muscles on your face and can rotate 360 degrees.

•        It eliminates dead skin cells and brings to surface the skin you had as a youth.

•        It is multipurpose. It is meant for body and face.

•        The silky and soft bristles do not irritate your skin.

•        LLM126 mops your oily skin, makeup, and dirt.

•        Rating: 3.6

•        Warranty: One year.


•        No complications in using it. Simple to handle.

•        It is very compact and can be transported easily.

•        Eliminates Blackheads

•        Multipurpose machine.

•        Works in battery too.


•        It does not come with batteries.

•        Results take some time to show.

2. ACI Acupressure Health Care India 3D Y

ACI massager is a specialist in anti-aging.


•        ACI is a massager for the whole body. It can massage the ant body part.

•        The design is very aesthetic. It has a 3 D design.

•        ACI is waterproof and compact.

•        It is eco-friendly and has a mini solar panel, to gather energy.

•        It helps in the circulation of blood.

•        Rating: 3.5

•        Warranty: One year.


•        One can experience solar energy stored while massaging.

•        Even a face has metabolic factors. This massager enhances it.

•        It gives a facelift.

•        Waterproof.


•        The ACI is slightly large shaped, to conveniently massage a face.

3. Health Sense Pure-Skin FB 09 Facial Cleansing Brush


The FB 09 massager can be four times more effective than trying to wash your face with bare hands.

•        It keeps the face refreshed always. It performs the right level of Exfoliation.

•        It eliminated dead skins, thanks to its brush heads which are interchangeable, and two in numbers.

•        It is waterproof and at level 7, and be used under a shower.

•        It can be activated at two speeds. Lower and higher.

•        Rating: 4

•        Warranty: One year.


•It is very compact and easy to transport.

•It is battery operated.

•Skin gets the right Exfoliation.

•Simple procedures to be followed, and easy to use.

•Blood Circulation is brought to normal levels.


•The motor runs slow, even at high speed.

4. Lifelong LLM720 Rechargeable Face Cleansing Massager


•LLM720 is an expert face massager, where it can deep cleanse, by penetrating deep into skin pores.

•It is very light and easy to carry.

•It has three kinds of brushes. One would clean up all facial makeup, the second would is a fiber cleaning brush, and the third one is the deep cleaning brush.

•It gives you the feeling that you have been in a professional spa.

•It is a rechargeable massager.

•It is capable of rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise.

•Rating: 3.9

•Warranty: One year.


•        LLM720 comes in with five detachable heads.

•        It can exfoliate and relaxes your facial muscles in an organized way,


•Some of the interchangeable heads cease to work after a few times of usage.

5. Ecolife quality Products Stone anti-ageing Jade Roller Massager


•  The Ecolife Jade massager would clear out your face wrinkles effectively.

•  It attacks the toxins in your face and increases the blood circulation.

•  It tones and tightens the puffed eye bags under your eyes, and makes you look fresher.

•  Ecolife has other purposes too. It can be used to massage your neck and shoulder region. In short, the roller on it can massage any part of your body.

•  All these results, in making you look younger and aids in preventing old age creep up too early.

•  Ecolife weeds out your dead skin cells.

•  Rating: 4

•  Warranty: One year.


•        It is washable.

•        It makes very low noise.

•        It can be used throughout the body.


•   Everything is manual about the Ecolife, and this could prove to be a dampener.

6. Nova 5 in 1 Compact Face Massager


•  As the name suggests this is a multi-purpose massager.

• It massages the head, face, eyes neck and shoulder.

• It has a unique face massager that provides a powerful message.

• It ensures healthy skin.

• It has a brush, soft massager, sandpaper, ball, and a soft sponge head, totaling up to 5.

• Rating:3

• Warranty: No.


• It is light and compact.

• Good price.

• Face specialist massager.

• Battery operated.


•        Charging the battery takes time.

•        It looks very fragile and may break with one fall.

7. Braun Face 810 – Facial Epilator and Facial Cleansing Brush with Micro-Oscillations


• The Braun face 810, comes with a very powerful reputation, and that is being the number one Facial epilator.

• In case, people have hair on their faces, the epilation would help clear the face completely of it, in under a month.

• It cleanses deep pores gently and effectively.

• The epilator has ten-micron openings, to pluck the hair out.

• It is more suitable for women.

• The brush contained in it would perform the role of a scrubber.

• It has tweezers too.

• The massager is extremely fast, and it will pluck out the facial hair in no time.

• It is battery operated.

•  The Braun can remove make-up, the oil off your skin, and provide a fresh look.

•  Rating:3.4

•  Warranty:2 years.


•        Worth the price.

•        Very efficient hair remover.

•        It is compact.


•        It is on the expensive side.

8.  Dr.Physio Electric Portable Cleopatra Waterproof Face Cleanser


•        This is yet another innovative product that is face massager and cleanser.

•        It removes dirt from the face efficiently.

•        Efficiently clears the wrinkles off the face.

•        Increase blood circulation.

•        It uses a rolling massage technique.

•        It is battery operated.

•        Lends a youthful look to your face.

•        Rating::4

•        Warranty: One year.


•        Massages the whole body and face.

•        It lifts your mood levels.

•        People with wrinkles and spots are the beneficiaries.

•        The massage technique through the roller is an experience.


•        The speed is very slow.

9.  Everything Jade: Jade Roller for Face Massager With Interchangeable Jade


•        This is a jade roller and massages the face-off toxins.

•        Reduces those puffy eyes and can be used to massage the entire body.

•        It is aesthetic and unique looking.

•        It works deep skin and cleans every skin pore.

•        Lends a youth look to your face.

•        It mentally enhances you.

•        Dark circles around the eyes are removed.

•        It reduces the spots around the neck region.

•        Four heads that can be removed to suit your current requirements.

•        Rating:4.

•        Warranty: one year.


•         The accessories are all in Jade only.

•         The jade will last for more than other massagers.

•         It massages the entire body.


•         Continuous rolling tires the arms.

•         The product is quite expensive.


10. Beauty Wan’s Silicone Vibrating Exfoliating Face Cleansing Brush

(USB –  Rechargeable) – Massager & Face Cleanser for Women


•        Bears an aesthetic look.

•        It is also very unique looking.

•        The features are spectacular.

•        It is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable.

•        The brush enclosed is made of Silicone.

•        It does excellent exfoliation.

•        Cleans up all the oil and chemicals off your face in minutes.

•        The product itself is non-toxic in nature.

•        It suits sensitive skin too.

•        Lends a youthful face after the massage is over.

•        It is a simple device to handle.

•        It is shockproof.

•        Rating:4

•        Warranty: One year


•        It is very durable.

•        It does not irritate the skin.

•        It is suitable for normal and dry skin.

•        Speeds up microcirculation on the face and it is exclusive for women only.


•        Imported item.

•        A costly purchase.


From the above, one can clearly make out the importance of owning a face massager and regularly using it two. The question is whether one should go for the multipurpose massager or the single purpose one. It is always a decision to buy and use a single purpose face massager, since it becomes a specialist that way, and there would be no compromise at all, in what it sets out to achieve. The multipurpose massager would not be a specialist comparatively.

The other factors which one might have to take into consideration are the compactness of the machine since the person tends to travel more. A compact massager would fit into the suitcase to briefcase as the case might be, and prove handy. People who spend thousands of Rupees also should bear in mind, face massage is not a one-off message /situation, and can choose a product that would deliver like the spa.

Some look for the removal of blackheads and pimples, including black spots on the neck, which makes them look less appealing. There are a few massagers which do these removals, in QuickTime. This would cast them back to their youth, and who would not like that?

Given all these factors, it is not just a face massager machine; you are buying, but a whole new ‘phase’ of your life. The face sets off the tone as previously said here. The point is that the massager is always there at your disposal, and a few can be carried in a handbag too. Thus the fresh look is maintained throughout the day, and just remember to recharge those batteries whenever you can by carrying the USB cable too with you.