Know what is the Best Hair Regrowth Method

Losing hair is not a new thing for us because we lose hair every single day. But how may be too many when it comes to losing hair? Here is the best method for hair regrowth.

Some people lose a great number of hairs which makes them thin or bald in some areas. Trying a hair regrowth method can be a good option for this problem.

Do you want to know what the best hair regrowth method is? There are many options for hair growth; you have to choose the right option to get required result.

This article discusses the best hair regrowth method. If you have lost hair and you want to know your options to regrow hair, this topic is for you.

Hair Regrowth Mystery

Losing hair is not something that should worry us no matter what age group we belong to. We lose hair every single day and new hairs replace them sooner or later.

Some people lose hair faster than growing new hair which makes them feel they have become thin in some areas. The scalp has hair follicles that grow hair regularly.

Blood vessels feed hair at the base of the follicle thereby nourishing it and making it grow. The lifecycle of hair goes through three or four important stages and these stages are important to discuss below:

  1. Anagen (Growing Phase): It is the initial stage that may last for 2 to 7 days. This phase defines how long your hair can be.
  2. Catagen (Transition Phase): This is a short phrase that is actually a transitional stage that can last for more or less 10 days. During this time, shrinkage of hair follicles take place and hair follicle separates from the dermal papilla.
  3. Telogen (Resting Phase): This stage is comparatively longer than the previous one and it can last more or less three months. Of total hair volume, around 10% to 15% of hair can be in this phase. When this stage sets in, the growth phase starts and the resting phase continues.
  4. Exogen (New Hair Phase): Some people do not consider it a separate phase because, technically, it is an extension of the telogen (previous) phase. Now, old hair will start falling while new hair continues to grow. At this point, the person can lose 50 to 150 hairs on a daily basis.

Best Option For Hair Growth

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If your hair is in the telogen phase, you will experience abnormal hair loss which is not to be worried about. You may not be able to identify which stage your hair is in and what actually is the reason behind your hair fall. That is why it is recommended to visit a hair growth expert in your area to know the details.

There are plenty of home remedies and advanced techniques that can help people reduce hair fall and trigger hair growth. Some of the notable options have been discussed blew:

  • PRP Hair Treatment: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the blood is to perform this treatment. PRP is injected in bald and thin areas through a syringe.
  • Topical Medications: Some topical medications such as Rogaine and Finasteride are quite helpful for hair fall. These medications can increase hair growth without any treatment.
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy: It is a laser treatment where a special laser device provides laser beams to make hair grow faster. This treatment is also called as red light therapy, which is non-surgical and non-invasive.

There are other treatment options to reduce hair loss and trigger hair growth. PRP hair treatment can be the best treatment for some individuals but some people may require a hair transplant. It all comes down to your specific needs.

Safe and Effective Hair Growth: The Bottom Line

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This article discussed know what is the best hair regrowth method? If you have lost hair and you want to know your options to regrow hair, this topic might have helped you.

From the above discussion, it is clear that different hair growth methods can help people regrow hair as per their requirements. Which option is good for you? What treatment should you take?

Do not hesitate to consult a hair growth expert if you need more details about this important topic that is closer to your heart. If you need more details, you can also read more articles about this topic.