Different types of houses and extended outdoors

In the line of outdoor structures extended to connect with the elements, we have balconies, verandahs, timber decks, porticos, gardens, and terrace gardens. Timber decking is a very popular construction design in Brisbane for three generations together. This type of design – timber decking has been specially incorporated on patios of Brisbane. There are different outdoor extensions in different parts of the world serving various purposes. The construction of an exterior takes into account the climatic conditions displaying the distinct cultural flavours and identity unique to that part of the country. There are also different types of houses based on the exterior-the igloos of Canada, the cave houses of central Asia, the thatched structures of Africa, and stilt houses in most parts of northeast India. This needs a detailed discussion as follows.

Houses made from sustainable resources

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of a human being. Man has emerged from being a caveman to the sophisticated being of today. Homes were built by the climatic conditions, flora and fauna of the place, and the disturbances that the area was prone to in the way of tremors, earthquakes, sandstorms, volcanoes, etc. There can be various types of houses also based on the materials available locally. For example, the igloos were built with blocks outside and lined with animal skins from the inside. The stilt houses in many parts of Asia were built to protect the inmates from insects and snakes and also to keep out the rainwater. In the deserts, houses were commonly made as cave-like structures to offer protection from sandstorms. Today’sToday’s fast-paced life has changed the concept and needs of the house completely, making it a symbol of the owner’s taste, economic status, culture, ideologies, and therefore a total of his personality. Thus it gets reflected and exhibited in the design of his house, especially in its exteriors. The resurgence towards suburban living has made different types of houses popular today. The designs of the bygone era have once become a trend today-victorian or Edwardian style houses, farmhouse types, cape god, cottage style for vacations, traditional colonial houses that never go out of style, then there are Spanish style houses, Georgian style houses, the barn house type which has a casual and easy-going vibe, ranch-style houses exploding in popularity.

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Types of outdoor designs

The various exteriors- the balconies, the verandahs, the courtyards, the barnyards, and the patios serve different purposes for different occasions and different needs. The modern-day man wants to make a retreat to his house, breaking away from his daily monotony. In this endeavour, he takes great effort in designing his place to accommodate guests frequently, holding parties and get-togethers, or just chill with his family. The outdoors can be a patio attached or detached with various permutations and combinations in its design, with the organic touch of gardens, ponds, swimming pools, etc. the patios of Brisbane are a very popular type of structures in this line of architecture. They are a statement of either pocket-friendly constructions or the ultimate in high-end luxury, depending on the owner’s demands. The home stylist today can play around with different styles, materials, and concepts.


The most notable thing in today’s construction activity is that the architect, builder, and the owner, in the sense of responsibility, are trying to incorporate style, innovation, and eco-friendly concepts in their creations.