Dining rooms are one of the most important rooms in a home, its significance standing toe to toe with the living room. When people have guests over, dining rooms are the common places to socialise and catch up on their memories. So investing in good dining room furniture can be beneficial, whether it’s a simple and elegantly designed one or an eye-catching luxury dining table. This article highlights the necessary things to consider when shopping for such a worthwhile investment.

Dining tables have a steady demand in Australia, with the furniture market engaging in sales and exports for various products for the household. With the rapid rise in urbanisation and real estate, the furniture market in the country is expected to reach a market value of about 14 billion dollars by 2022. Such a number signifies the importance of the industry to the general public. Even designer sets have also made their mark in this furniture category, with many families opting for elegant, luxurious furniture sets to complement their lifestyles.

Things To Consider When Buying Furniture For The Dining Room:

Whether it’s for a small apartment or if the customer is in the market for a luxury dining table that can uplift their household’s grandeur, the things to consider are pretty much the same. Take a look at some of them given below:

Materials For The Table

Most of the common luxury dining sets in the country are crafted from wood, Jarrah and beech being the top of the list. Blackwood is also prevalent as a furniture material, followed by redgum hardwood. Many households prefer solid wood compared to engineered wood owing to its durability in the long term with added advantages like easy maintenance and repair.

Glass is also common and is mostly built for rooms with less ambience of natural light. Different types of glass tops like frosted or tinted can create beautiful sets that can last longer if maintained properly. Another material for luxury furniture sets would be stones like marble or quartz. Although they are used for specific aesthetics, they are also durable and sturdy for dining tables.

Specifics Of The Room and The Table

Buying a table that can not only fit the room but also not make it appear suffocating is an important criterion to consider. The best way to gauge this is to measure the room length and model the table as per the measurements. Once the measurements are properly noted, the shape can be decided for the table.

Rectangular tables are the most common, followed by rounded tops or oval designs. Next comes the length of the table, and considering a significant investment, it’s better to opt for one that can seat at least eight people or more.

The Purpose: Luxury sets can have many functions for the dining room; they can entertain guests, for family dinners at the end of every day or for formal occasions and meetings. Whatever the case may be, choosing the right style can make all the difference and give the occasion the right ambience for every opportunity.

The Room Aesthetics

The most important criteria of all, whether the dining set matches the design and aesthetics of the room and the house as a whole. There are various styles, from classics to modern designer sets, that come in various colours and textures. Hiring a professional decorator can help with this decision and find the best design for the room.