3 Reasons You Should Sell Your Car to a Dealership

Adelaide residents are part of the statistics in Australia, which indicate that there are 13.3 million registered vehicle owners. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data, there are fewer than ten households with no car in the country. It translates to one vehicle per person of driving age.

Many car owners believe that when they think “how to sell my car in Adelaide” if they sell their car privately instead to a dealer, they will get more cash for it. But everything comes at a price. Even if you sell your car privately, you are still required to make some investments. This article discusses excellent reasons why you should sell your car to a dealership instead of privately.

Is it costly to own a car in Adelaide?

A car is critical to the lives of Adelaide residents. But owning one can be expensive. Registration and licensing for two cars can cost over $1500 in the major cities and $1400 in regional locations. These costs can vary considerably from city to city.

  1. Save Time and Money

When you go the route of selling your vehicle privately, you must factor in the time and effort you need to invest. You will need a road-worthy certificate and make repairs required to meet safety standards. Afterwards, you need to advertise your car on online platforms, so you need to take photos of it. Once you get a call from a potential customer, you need to take them for a test drive. Finally, you need to negotiate a price and transfer all the pertinent documents to the new owners.

But when you think “how to sell my car in Adelaide” and sell your car to a dealership, you will only need to drive it in. The only thing required from you is the documents. In half an hour, you could walk out with money deposited in your bank account. You don’t have to go through appointments nor haggle.

It must be noted that certain car brands may command a better price in Adelaide. According to data, Toyota is held in high regard. Other brands that are also considered reliable are Mazda and Tesla.

  • Secure Transaction

You must also factor in the possibility that you might encounter people posing as buyers who actually have bad intentions. You will be inviting them to your home to check your car over only to be turned down. And very soon your car is stolen since you have given away too much information. Or someone may take your car for a test drive, provide you with their driver’s license as a form of security, and never return. There are numerous ways negotiations with buyers could go wrong.

But if you opt to sell your car to a dealership, you will have none of these risks. You will be dealing with a trustworthy business that abides by rules and standards. You are protected by law which can help with your peace of mind.

  • Trade-in

Once you sell your car privately, there is a good chance that you want to purchase a new one to replace it. If you find a car you like at a dealership, they might ask if you have a trade-in. But of course, since you sold your car privately, you have nothing to offer. There goes your negotiation. When you purchase a car with a trade-in, there is a potential to have a reasonable price at the dealership.

Thus, if you want an effortless and secure sale that could end up in a great deal, make sure to sell your car to a dealership rather than privately.