Top 5 Diesel Watches Under $200 That You Can Buy Today!

Diesel made a name in the watchmaking industry by offering cheaper alternatives to luxury watches. But, while more affordable, these watches do not discount on quality, durability, and accuracy. 

There are several reasons to love Diesel. On top of it, all is the Italian brand’s history, which started in 1978 with the design and marketing of denim that later diversified to include luxury watches, among other things. It changed the way we look at denim: from utility workwear into versatile fashion items—the same kind of marketing it applied on fashion watches. 

Fast forward to today, the brand offers a wide array of watches with forward-thinking designs that pair well with almost any outfit. But, the best part? These watches are affordable, with others not exceeding $200. 

Diesel Watch Review: What Makes Them Quality Watches 

In addition to its prestigious brand, the quality of any Diesel Watch should be noted. The brand’s watches have that distinct chic design that integrates functionality, practicality, not to mention affordability. 

• Wide Array of Watches 

The brand markets a wide range of analog, digital, and chronograph watches available in every style imaginable: classic, luxurious, or complicated. The possibilities are just endless and its intention is always to satisfy the demand of the market. 

• Quality in Every Aspect 

Regardless of the style, it pays to mention that the quality of Diesel watches remains intact. This is distinguished by the use of quality materials and time-tested manufacturing processes that result in long-lasting, durable timepieces. You’ll find Diesel watches that use Italian leather, precious stones like gold, among others. 

• Stylish Designs Across All Price Points 

If there’s one characteristic to define Diesel, it’s their quality watches available at different price points. Luxury watch collectors, amateurs, and anyone who’s looking to have a watch simply for its time-telling function, you can bet on Diesel to offer just the right watch for you. A Diesel watch, regardless of the price, remains attractive and adds value to the wearer. 

Variety, quality, and affordability are at the core of every Diesel watch. Continue reading as we list our top 5 Diesel picks under $200. 

Check Out These 5 Diesel Watches That Cost $200 or Less 

Diesel Ironside Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Black Leather 

Featuring a black dial and stainless steel case, this Diesel watch is classic yet it doesn’t lack character and style. It has coordinating black leather straps that make it suitable for all types of wrists and almost all styles of clothing. It sports three sub-dial displays for seconds, minutes, and hours, and is water-resistant for up to 50m. 

Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Quartz Grey Dial 

With a diameter that is far beyond the 50mm mark and a name like Mega Chief, you can bet that this watch will make a statement on your wrist. It has an oversized, saucer-like dial encased in stainless steel and finished with coordinating steel straps. Its black gunmetal-tone makes it look more sturdy and bold. 

Diesel Uber Chief Quartz Black Dial Black Leather 

You’ll hardly find a better black-on-black watch than this Diesel Uber Chief watch. It sports a sleek black watch face with a stainless steel case and all-black leather straps—a combination that renders an ultimately elegant look that will go perfectly with a suit.

Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time Dial Brown Leather 

For those who can pull off an over-the-top timepiece, check out this Diesel Mini Daddy reference. It sports an eye-catching blue dual time zone dial in a stainless steel case and brown calfskin leather straps. It has a lot going on with the display, nevertheless, it pairs well with a casual outfit. 

Diesel Mini Daddy Quartz Rose Gold Dial 

There’s a rising trend for rose gold watches for men. Generally described as a gender-neutral hue, rose gold is warmer than yellow and looks more appealing than white gold. Any man will look handsome in this Diesel’s play on rose gold. It sports a rose gold dial with a coordinating stainless steel case and straps in the same color as well. 

A Diesel Watch Just For You 

Apart from their eye-catching designs, Diesel updates its watches with the latest in technology to keep up with the evolving demands of its customers. It’s why, whatever your taste and preference, you’re sure to find a Diesel watch for you. 

Most Diesel watches are quite affordable and offer good value for your money compared to other watches in the same price range. They’re intentionally made to stand out from the crowd while maintaining a luxurious look to their design. All in all, they make a great purchase that will last a long time. For your Diesel watch, shop from the official Diesel website or visit one of their certified retailers.  

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