3 Tips on How to Wear a Men’s Bow Tie

The right kind of bowtie can make a man look sophisticated and confident. It is an excellent accessory for those who want to make a bold and assertive statement. Bowties give an aura of respect and dignity like none other. They also make one’s suit or blazer look all the more attractive and formal. But wearing a men’s bow tie is no easy feat, and this guide will provide some tips on how to adorn one. 


A bow tie is a necktie shaped and designed like a bow. It is tied around the collar of a shirt and is predominantly worn by men for formal occasions and business meetings. Bowties are connected with the shoelace knot, and they look perfectly symmetrical on either side of the collar.

Types of Bowties 

There are three different types of men’s bow ties. The first, known as the self-tie or freestyle, is a bow tie type without any assistance. An individual would buy the bowtie and learn how to tie it on their own. This is the traditional way to tie a bowtie, and it takes some time to learn how to do it. The second type, pre-tied, is an already tied bow, and the wearer would only have to put it on. It is ideal for younger boys and men who don’t have time to arrange a bow tie. The third variety, clip-on bow, comes with metal clips that can directly be attached to the collar. This is more suitable for children who are yet to learn how to wear a bow tie.  

Experts suggest that the self-tie method is the best way to look formal and dignified. The other two methods can be used, but only as a last resort. 

Occasions to Wear a Bow Tie

Bowties are predominantly worn for formal and semi-formal events. They are commonly adorned in weddings and black-tie events. For a black-tie event, a silk bow tie is the most appropriate variety.

When bow ties are being worn for semi-formal events, the wearer can experiment with more colours, designs, materials, and textures. However, it must be ensured that the tie matches the overall outfit. 

Bowties can also be worn for casual events, and the wearer can experiment with what they like. Many people wear bowties with suspenders and graphic printed socks for a more casual look. 

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Bow Tie Shapes

Bowties come in a wide range of shapes and styles. The butterfly bowtie is the most popular style in contemporary times, and it is a great option for those who are just learning how to wear a bowtie. The big butterfly is a more extensive and grander version of this and is more suitable for taller men. The batwing bow tie is the tiniest of all varieties and is usually worn for a clean and simple look. The diamond tip bow has sharp, pointed ends and is a favourite of the youth. Rounded club bow ties are worn for casual occasions when one wants to look good during a vacation or picnic.

Bow Tie Sizes

One does not have to worry about the size of the bowtie since it can be adjusted to any shirt collar. Standard bowties can fit shirt collars that are about 14.5- 17.5 inches. But before going to a party or business meeting, it is better to try the bow tie well in advance so that one knows how to adjust and fit it according to the size of the collar. 

Men’s bow ties are the best accessory for standing tall, assertive, and confident.