How Diesel Watches Prove That Watches Are Indispensable

It’s not just clothes or makeup that complete your outfit, but the accessories, too—and to accessorize, nothing probably scores above watches for both men and women. Throughout history, watches have climbed their way from being a time-keeping device into a fashion staple that speaks volumes about one’s personality. 

The concept of watches as accessories started when Swiss watch brands penetrated the global market and started retailing in various parts of the world. Years later, watches have become something we can’t go without—whether we’re attending a formal gathering, a night out, or even when it’s a regular day at work. At this rate, it’s no wonder the global luxury watch market is estimated to reach a value of 9.3 billion by 2025. Luxury watches became collectibles and many people enjoy assembling their own vintage collections. To become one of them you should seek assistance from reputable dealers, like The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As the purchasing power of the global consumer is increasing, so does the need for a watch largely for its aesthetic appeal. A watch from Diesel, for instance, is mainly purchased for its innovative designs and style that appeal to the younger market. But there’s more to these watches that prove timepieces are indispensable. 

What Makes Diesel Watches Indispensable? 

Wearing Diesel watches, that cost between $100 and $1,500, can instantly give a boost to your morale and your status. With the brand’s solid history, stylish and innovative pieces, and affordable prices, consumers can satisfy their need for an accessory that is both functional and stylish without breaking their banks. 

History and Reputation 

Founded in 1978, Diesel started as a brand that specializes in the design and marketing of jeans. Years later, it has diversified its product offerings by launching a line of fashion watches that integrate functionality and practicality, thus attracting younger consumers. Today, the brand is on par with other fashion brands like Gucci and Guess with its line of analog, digital, chronograph watches, as well as smartwatches. 

High Functionality and Innovative Design 

It’s generally agreed that quality watches possess a set of features that can’t be easily found in other watches. They should be both functional and stylish, targeting a wide range of consumers with different tastes and personalities. Diesel has been aggressive in integrating aesthetics, trends, and the latest technology in their watches. It experiments with straps, colors, designs, and even materials to give its watches a completely new look each time. For example, its new Wear OS smartwatch, Diesel on Fadelite, is available in four versions, each featuring fading colors, hence the name. 

Quality and Affordability 

Each Diesel watch resonates excellent quality, yet maintains affordability. Because Diesel targets the younger consumers, it keeps its prices more affordable. But it guarantees that each piece created is long lasting than any cheap brands, which only adds up to its indispensable and cost-saving benefits. Visit its website or any partner distributors and you’ll be treated to a wide range of watches that only cost from $100-$1,500. 

Diesel Watches to Check Out 

Today, Diesel offers watches that cater to both men and women. While most of their designs are targeted toward men, some collections like the Fadelite smartwatches are created with more gender-neutral designs in mind. Check out some Diesel watches you shouldn’t miss. 

Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Chronograph Quartz 

One of the classic watches Diesel has in store is their Mr. Daddy models. This watch with ref. No. D27350 is sleek with its black dial, black ion-plated stainless steel, and black leather strap combination finished with gold details. If you’re looking for something with a robust design, this one is worth the look. 

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Diesel Mini Daddy Silver Dial Brown Leather 

Ref. no. D27309 is unique with its silver dial, orange and silver-tone hands, stainless steel case, and brown leather straps. It’s a great accessory to match your brown leather belts and shoes—if you’re not much of a fan of black leather accessories. 

Diesel Mini Daddy White Dial Stainless Steel 

Metal watches are generally neutral. Therefore, if you only want to invest in one that you can wear on any occasion, a watch with a plain metal band is a practical choice, and this Diesel Mini Daddy timepiece just doesn’t disappoint. It features a white dial with a dual time zone display encased in stainless steel. Its indexes have a blue and silver-tone combination, rendering a timepiece that looks classy and timeless. 

Diesel Fadelite 

Diesel Fadelite is one of the two smartwatch collections from the brand, with the other named Axial Smartwatches. Fadelite was released early in 2020 and offers a slicker appearance that appeals to both men and women. But what sets these 44mm touchscreen watches apart is that they’re available in four different colorways that fade into different colors, thus explaining the name. The watch runs on Google’s Wear OS and supports features like Google Assistant, GPS tracking, heart rate tracking, etc. 

A Diesel Watch For You 

What Diesel lacks in terms of the complications that Swiss luxury brands manufacture, they make up with fashion watches that combine aesthetics, trends, and updated technology. These fashion watches not only appeal to the younger market, but the brand makes them affordable for them, too. 

Which Diesel watch appeals to you most? Let us know by leaving a comment below.