For most Australians owning a home is one of their most cherished dreams. The security and pride that such ownership offers have very few rivals. But there are many hurdles that one has to cross before, they enjoy a chance to hold the key to a house. For example, whether to choose granny flat designs that are modern or traditional is entirely up to the homeowner.

The design, location, materials, furnishings are all vital aspects that determine the result of how a home looks. But if these elements focus around a central theme, it is all the more appealing.

So here are a few design choices one can make:

  1. Say yes to Modern:

 The word modern is a universal and broad term that includes all artistic elements that evolved around the 19th century. Its effects are apparent in the different schools of thought, architecture, and art of this time.

       In architecture, modern refers to structures with edgy designs, clean cuts, elegant lines, a no-fuss color palette, etc. Glass, metal, and other inventive materials, when incorporated, add to the overall avant-garde effect.

       When it comes to modern homes, function precedes form. Although the appearance is of significant importance the functionality of each design choice also plays an important role. Simple shapes like rectangles covered with opaque surfaces or glass are one of the common features of this style.

       Granny flat designs in modern styles are in high demand as they are a break from traditional interests.


2. Welcome the Traditional:

       Anything traditional refers to a conjuring of the aesthetics of a lost era. The taste of the ancestors is reflected in homes that make use of this design. Elaborate furnishing and heavy accessorizing are a few features that stand out in these homes.

       Woodwork has added emphasis, as the early European aristocracy valued craftsmanship. The scope to include this into a design is limitless. Wooden furniture or paneling makes the home carry an air of old regalness. Some tips to imbibe the old world charm is by adding

  •  Ornate furniture detailings
  • Silk or velvet for furnishings
  • Layers and depth

3. Going Minimal:

       The minimalist trend centers on the conversation of less is more. When there is an ocean of things around the house, it may stress out the people living in it. So deciding to cut back and having only the essentials helps people lead a calm and satisfying life.

Aussies are devout supporters of all things eco-friendly. And this design choice is nothing but good for the environment.

This idea is reflected in the design as well. The colors chosen are neutral, and everything is simple. Just like the belief which stresses conservation, there are no elaborate furnishings or ornate decor. Clean aesthetics is visible throughout the design of such homes.

4. Say hello to the Coastal Vibes:

       Who doesn’t love the oceans? Human beings everywhere share their love for blue waters and endless skies that tell a thousand tales. So how would it be if one were to incorporate these aspects into a home design?

       The Hamptons style is a realization of this love for the coastal elements. Celebrities deserve credit for popularising it as nearly all movie stars own such a home.

       Its hallmark features are pleasing pastel tones, plenty of ventilation, and generous use of coral hues like blues and greens.

       The idea behind this style is to reflect the beachside. And give the homeowners the feel of being by the sea. Even the furnishings and decor resemble things one would find at the beach.


Building a home is all about creating a personal, tranquil space that echoes one’s preferences. Your home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. It is only right to get a calgary home insurance. Home insurance provides financial protection in case of damage or loss caused by unforeseen events such as fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters..