Safest Countries in the World To Visit

According to the Global Peace Index’s report of 2021, a total of 163 countries were ranked. The ranking criteria for the safest countries for travel were based on many elements that have an impact on the countries’ safety.

The report indicated that Iceland remains to be the safest country among those countries. In addition, the safest eight out of 10 countries are European countries.

Released by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) each year, the report includes 23 indicators in ranking the countries.

In the list below, you can find the top 10 safe countries to visit based on this report. You’ll first find some of the indicators that GPI has included in the following section.

Global Peace Index Indicators

The report of the GPI of safe countries is based on a total of 23 concepts. These include:

  • Internal conflicts
  • Impact of terrorism
  • Social security
  • Number of violent deaths
  • Nuclear capability
  • International relations
  • Condition of peace, and many others.

Let’s move on to the list of the safest countries to live in worldwide.


Iceland ranks first on the list of safe countries to visit, according to the GPI report. Furthermore, this ranking has not changed since 2008. The incarceration rate in Iceland is the lowest in Europe which is 33 per 100,000 people.

Other attractions that make Iceland the safest country include the validity of same-sex marriages and adoptions. Gender equality applies to equal payments for the same job in Iceland. Political stability is another positive factor in the country’s ranking. Iceland’s status as a very safe country is especially reassuring for solo travelers. One can rent a car or campervan, the latter for more features and peace of mind—knowing that you have the essentials for a cozy time wherever you go. If you are planning a solo road trip in Iceland, consider these campervan rental options.  

In general, the quality of life is high with the available organic food and the use of hydroelectricity and geothermal power.

New Zealand

One of the safest countries for travel, New Zealand ranks second with its high living standards. For example, violence and crime rates are extremely low in New Zealand as well.

With its strong farming sector, you’ll find quality food in New Zealand. The country even exports a certain amount of this food. Such food includes dairy and meat.

New Zealand has also handled COVID-19 well.


In Denmark, both education and healthcare services are free. It’s also known for its valuing honesty and trust. This is why political corruption almost does not exist. Economic stability is another important factor in Denmark’s ranking as one of the safest countries for travel.

Like Iceland, Denmark also offers much organic food and animal products. Several jobs are available in the service sector in Denmark. Other dominant sectors in the country include engineering, agriculture, and manufacturing.


Portugal is another one of the safe countries that comes forward in the report. It ranks in the first five safe countries to visit. Many factors have been determinant in this ranking such as low crime rates and high living standards.

Portugal also attracts people with a low cost of living in many areas. Stability in politics and the LGBTI-friendly community are also important in this ranking.


Like most of the countries stated above, Slovenia is also highly dependent on the service sector. The sectors of agriculture and industry are other dominant sectors in Slovenia. The country is a member of the United Nations, the Eurozone, the European Union, and NATO.

While the country ranked 10th in the safe countries to visit report last year, it moved to the top five this year. The low crime rates have been effective in this ranking.

With its cleanness and natural beauties, the country is favored by many of its residents.


Austria is well-developed in many areas such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, and politics. Crime rates are also quite low in Austria, and people can easily walk outside both day and night.

The service sector is determinant in the majority of the country’s GDP. In addition, income per capita is quite high in Austria.


Among the safest countries to live in, Switzerland has low crime rates especially in the cities of Geneva and Zurich. The income per capita in Switzerland is also very high.

Other attractions in Switzerland include quality education and healthcare services.


Ireland has very developed economic, healthcare, and transportation systems, plus its population is the youngest one in Europe. The diversity in culture is another attractive factor that makes Ireland one of the safest countries for travel.

Except for petty crimes like theft, the rate of violent crimes are very low here.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers a friendly environment, especially for both students and expats.

It boasts a developed economy as well as low crime rates and social equality.

In addition, the risk of poverty is very low in the Czech Republic.


Three-quarters of Canada’s population is employed in the service sector. The country offers a developed economy with diversity.

Like most of the above safe countries to visit, income per capita is very high, and the crime rate is low.

Affordability of rents and health insurance are other attractions of the country.