Maltipoos 101: Everything You Need to Know About The Dog Breed

Maltipoos are a relatively new dog breed without much of a long history but happen to fall among the most known designer dog breeds. They are a crossbreed of the poodle and Maltese, famous for their affectionate and fun-loving nature.

Maltipoos were intentionally bred in their use, where their hypoallergenic and even temperament

reputation caused them a significant popularity boost. They can live well with any kind of family, kids, elderly or single people.

Maltipoos are an overall charming and active breed that will fit just any form of home you put them into. That said, before you start searching for maltipoos for adoption near me on My Doodle Maltipoos, here is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about Maltipoos.

Maltipoo Living Requirements

Maliptoos are well aware that they are part of the family, so you need them to treat them that way. Keep them indoors with their humans; you could even designate a couch spot for them.

They are not big on the outdoors, so no worries about having a backyard for the pups. Maliptoos thrive in small spaces and apartments. Nonetheless, they will still require daily exercises to buy their energy.

Maliptoos are intelligent, but they are equally sensitive. You need abundant patience; any aggressive tactics will make them shut down as any other fog would. Practice positive reinforcement, plenty of play, and treats will speed up their training processes.

What is their Temperament?

Maltiptoos have a very gentle personality; they’ll get along with just anyone, whether animal or human. So, if you have young kids, other prestige protection dogs or even a cat, they will get along irrespective of whether they have been brought up alongside each other. That means if you’re looking at heading away you know they’ll behave at places like Kip Dog Boarding Adelaide. But you might need to guide them on which toy is theirs and which one they should keep off.

As you Maltipoo puppy and child grow, they’ll bond over the hours of couch cuddling and ball chasing. If you have more minor children, always ensure they are supervised because of the fragile nature of Maltipoos due to their small size. 

How To Care For A Maltipoo

Although one of a Maltipoo’s most loved traits is low-shedding, it can be high maintenance on the grooming end. Their coat is medium-long and wooly, requiring daily brushing to maintain its health and hygiene. When not brushed enough, your fur friend can develop painful hair matting or sores on the skin.

Maltipoos need a bath once every month and hair clipping once every few months. The hair around the face will need regular (monthly) trimming. Like other smaller dogs that spend most of their time indoors, they need to have their nails clipped monthly since they do not have a chance to cut their nails monthly. You’ll also need to brush their teeth a couple of times weekly.

General Health of A Maltipoo

The lifespan of a Maltipoo is anywhere between 10 to 13 years. Where health issues are not very common in Maltipoo’s, there are still several conditions you may need to look out for as a pet parent such as the White shaker syndrome. 

Maltipoos are also prone to dental diseases, progressive renal atrophy, and allergies so try and feed your dog a quality diet raw dog food. Brush their teeth as well and give them dental treats to help prevent vet appointments.

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Maltipoos are very affectionate and would make a splendid choice for a first-time pet parent. They are companion dogs that want to spend time with their humans. If you can provide the Maltipoo with a loving home that will meet its needs, then you’ll have added an adorable family member.