Reasons To Renew Your Netflix Subscription Now!

The Best Shows on Netflix Right Now!

Whether you’re a K-drama fan, love watching documentaries or just need to have a good binge time with family, Netflix has the perfect shows for you! We have curated a list of the shows you should binge-watch right away simply because they aren’t worth missing out on!

1. Squid Game

First up, we have the alpha show ‘Squid Game’. it is a Korean series, on track to become the most popular and watched, about South Korean citizens who have been invited to play a survival game for a reward money prize that they can use to pay off their debts.

2. Hyperdrive Season 2 

Next, there is ‘Hyperdrive’ for sports entertainment enthusiasts. This is an action reality US TV show about auto racing and everything that goes behind it. Famous auto drivers from all over the world compete against each other in crazy competitions that are documented and non-scripted. They are now launching Hyperdrive Season 2 after the first season’s success.

3. Kim’s Convenience’ 

For those of you looking for a good TV sitcom, you are in for a treat. ‘Kim’s Convenience’ is another show that people have loved for a decade now for their choice of witty humour about an immigrant Korean- Canadian family, that is also non-stereotypical and mainstream. It is a situational comedy that has given us stars such as Simu Liu and Andrea Bang among others.

4. Sex Education

Another show that has taken young adults by storm is ‘Sex Education’. It is a comedy show about two school-goers who start their in-school sex education clinic and navigate their paths from there. In addition to that, this show explores topics and issues about sexuality, gender issues, identities, etc. in a fun way and yet manages to be heartwarming somehow.

5. 30 Rock

All our readers who re-watch The Office in the hopes of another season, there is a special suggestion for you: ’30 Rock’. It is a uniquely written and directed sitcom about the behind-the-scenes of a fictional show. Said show stars Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer and Tracy Morgan.

6. Lupin

There is something for everyone on Netflix, especially when we talk about crime thrillers. ‘Lupin’ is one such French series that portrays Arsene Lupin as a protagonist and covers the entire revenge story thereon. 

7. Sweet Tooth

‘Sweet Tooth’ won many hearts because of its unique advertising before and during its launch on the OTT platform. It is a Jeff Lemire creation. It is a fantasy series, a half-deer, half-human boy who travels to various parts of the USA post an apocalypse. He is searching for any remains of life and is unlike those superheroes based shows you have watched.

8. Shadow and Bone

If we had to suggest a fantasy drama, it would most definitely be ‘Shadow and Bone’. It is filled with adventures, suspense and plot twists. We warn you that you’ll completely be engrossed in the show and everything the characters and storyline have to offer. You might never know what’s coming but you know what you’re in for!