Role of food and games in children health

Children have extreme growth patterns as their mental and physical growth has been happening in these years. Parents are more concerned about the children’s well-being which makes them not only physically but emotionally strong beings to fight against odds.

The healthy food not only gives energy to the children but also provide essential ingredients which are good for all sort of development.

While games are the vitals of gaining not only the physical strengths but also the cognitive development, reasoning, creativity, and other mental development happenings can be enhanced by the adding some fun yet most effective games in children routines.



There is no question of Royal pizza love not only among children but also the adults. The pizza has some beneficial ingredients like cheese, mayonnaises, the toppings which include many vegetables, chicken, and some other fascinating ingredients. However, too much of everything is bad especially among children who require the most energetic nutrients in early growth years. 

To avoid this parent could help them with some exciting recipes which can convert the Bella pizza in the most beneficial diet and has lots of effective ingredients.

To avoid the snacks to the maximum parent can help their children in creating some fun snack times recipes like corn bhel, which requires most of the vegetables i.e. onion, capsicum, some potatoes, tomatoes or any available vegetable, sweet corn, salt, black pepper and some lemon which can give them the most enjoyable eating experience of all times.


The Covid situation has made the children sit stick in their houses. To make their children engaged in the house and to provide some exciting fun games which not only are good for their mental health but make them physically strong is appreciable.

Talking about the screen or electronic games the screen time of the children should not be more than 1 hour in 24 hours of the day. The games might help to develop critical analysis, planning, and reasoning. But in the long run, children might feel addicted to the games and they want to keep playing neglecting their house chores and other responsibilities.

So, balance is necessary to maintain the balance of play and fun games. The parent can introduce the fun activities like follow the leader, in which children have to follow the activities granted by the leader i.e. parent to perform some fun tasks.

They can also engage them in various fun games like a treasure hunt, by giving your children some hints about the hidden products. They can utilize their cognition and other skills while doing so.

Lego 10280 games are also most loved by the children and make them be creative, reasonable, and more concrete with the steps they take and cognition.

No matter what your child is playing and eating, it’s the parent’s responsibility to make the kids engaged and energetic to their fullest. Either they are eating pizza make sure that they eat the healthiest one by introducing some flavors and exciting recipes.