Rattan Lounge Competition

A lounge set is the need of every house. If you are thinking to spend hot nights and long days with your friends or family on a comfortable lounge set. So, here is a great opportunity for you to win it in a competition. In the way, you can save your money. If you win a lounge set in the raffle. You can also decorate your balcony in a cozy way and take nap delightfully on the new lounge set. The lounge set indeed makes the house attractive and cozy. After registration candidates have to pass numerous competitions microspot gagnez.


  • Participation in this lucky draw is free of charge.
  • Candidates of age 18 and above are eligible for the raffle.
  • Residents of Switzerland that meet the age requirement are also capable of participation.
  • It is strictly instructed that candidates must provide the right personal information.
  • Rattan lounge competition is not for the members of cashhouse, its related agencies, and corporations, and also for the lottery club. These people are not eligible for the competition.
  • Even more, people associated with automated websites, facilities, and professional members also are not eligible for the raffle.
  • If you are valid then apply to the competition and enter your right information there. Then agree all terms and conditions for the competition appear on the screen.
  • All the consents are general and don’t have any relation to Instagram and Facebook.

How to apply to Rattan Lounge Competition?

Rattan lounge competition is an individual competition. Applying the method is simple.

  • Candidates should carefully fill the form. Just fill in the proper and right information.
  • Agree on all terms and conditions after reading them.
  • Now you are registered for this raffle.

It is easy because you directly apply for it without the interference of third-party access. Prizes and lucky draws are directly given by the management.

Is the participation is free?

Yes, competitions and lucky draws are completely free of cost. If you are 18 or above and also a resident of Switzerland. Then you are eligible for free participation.

 Lucky Draw:

No legal action is taken on the lucky draw. The lucky draw is made under the barring of the public without any correspondence. The winners of the competition will be chosen randomly. Winners of the competitions will be informed through telephone. All the winners will be informed seven days before the closing date. Winners have to reply to the notification if they don’t claim the winning prize within a day you will lose it.

Winning Prize:

Interchange of winning a prize or cash is prohibited. Prizes are not delivered to postal address all the winner have to attend the event to take their prize. But nowadays because of COVID-19 standard operating procedure prizes will be delivered to the registered mails or postal address. This is a temporary action. No one can claim a prize on behalf of another person. A gift of the Rattan lounge set is awarded to the winners. The gift contains:

  • One edge sofa.
  • One counter.
  • One table.
  • Seven large back cushions.
  • 3 small cushions.

Early Terminating of the Contesting and Banning:

The officials have the right to take action against the candidates that give false information. For example, if the candidate is below 18 his/her prize passes to another person. Moreover, officials can end the competition without giving any notice or reason whenever they want. Management has the right to cancel your multiple participation. Early terminating of competition can be due to doubtful technical roles. If candidates break the terms and conditions of competition, they will be out of it. In these scenarios, winners are chosen again.


Interesting candidates can apply in this competition till 30th July 2021.


Here are the final words for the above discussion that if you are going to buy a lounge set for the house. So, save your money and participate in the Rattan lounge competition and get a chance to win the lounge set as a gift in the raffle. The method of competition is easy and straight. If you lived in Switzerland and 18 years old. So, you are eligible for a free application. But one thing to keep in mind that this competition is not affiliated with the makers and also not sponsored, inscribe, and arrange by the makers.