How to Choose the Ideal Magento Web Development Company

Online trading opens up new perspectives. Thanks to the online store, you have the opportunity to enter new markets, create a loyal customer base and reduce the cost of attracting customers. But building a website is not an easy task, specially if you have a long list of best magento hosting providers. Finding a reliable team of web developers can take a long time. To select a reliable technology partner for your online business, you must know the fundamental principles of how to select the right web development team.

How to choose a web development team

Choosing a Magento development company is not as easy as it sounds. You can compare developing a website to building a house. If you hire unskilled foundation workers who use the wrong materials, your project will be at risk. To avoid such situations in the development of your site, we share the most important aspects, starting from which, you will find the right team.

1. Pay attention to the team’s portfolio

When choosing your future development team, it is important for you to assess their level of expertise. Thanks to this, you will be able to understand if the team has enough experience to complete your project.

Therefore, the first step is to look at the portfolio of your future team. In most cases, you will be able to assess the level of functionality and usability of ready-made sites, as well as their programming and design skills.

An agency’s portfolio can include projects that suit you in terms of your requirements and expectations. Moreover, you will learn more about the company’s experience in a specific area.

Alternatively, you can visit companies’ accounts on specialized sites such as GitHub, Behance, and Dribbble.

2. Read company reviews on the Clutch platform

The best way to learn about working with an IT team is to read reviews from previous clients. To do this, visit the Clutch website. This site specializes in collecting reviews of IT companies around the world.

Through these feedbacks, you will find out if the team has worked on projects similar to yours. Alternatively, you can check if your agency has any awards. This kind of research will help you find out how popular the team is with colleagues in the field.

3. Ask for contacts of previous clients

All companies that have been around for a while have previous clients. You can ask their contacts to communicate with them directly. If previous clients are happy with working with your future team, then you are in good hands. Otherwise, it is better to look for another command. Thanks to a short interview with previous clients, you will learn more about working with the future development team.

4. Rate the quality of the company’s website

You can learn about a company’s quality standards by researching its online presence. To do this, analyze the company’s social media accounts, the website and the quality of the published content.

Pay attention to the design of the site, its features and the quality of the images. Your future team’s website design should be modern. If a company ignores the latest trends, then it is unlikely to be able to create your project at the proper level.

5. How quickly does the company respond to your emails?

The speed of response to customer inquiries is another factor to consider when looking for a web development company. If you decide to work with a small team, then they may not have a sales force. In this case, you can contact the owner of the company. A small team can reply to your messages within 24-48 hours. If the team is interested in your project, then this is a good sign. Remember that without understanding your goals and objectives, your team will not be able to give you an accurate assessment of the project.

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When starting an online business or developing a website, it is important to find a reliable magento custom extension development partner. If you are unsure of the competence of your web team, then your project is in jeopardy.

Use our guide to find the most suitable team to build your online store and achieve online trading success.