Bourgeois Living on a Budget: Choose Australian Made Furniture

Locally produced products are always a better option because they help sustain the economy and usually cost less than imported products. This difference is especially pronounced in furniture. The Australian furniture industry contributes more than 8 billion AUD to the Australian economy, and Australian made furniture is an integral part. They also provide another benefit: they cater to the trends and tastes of Aussie consumers. Locally produced furniture comes in a range of designs and themes, effortlessly integrating into every Australian home.

Bringing Opulence Home Within a Budget

While basic room furniture like sofas, coffee tables, beds, cabinets, mirrors, and the like fill every home, certain pieces could elevate the look of a room. Adding these small pieces instantly brings opulence into any interior space.

Living Room

People can add a minimalist entertainment unit in the centre of the living room. A minimalist entertainment unit comes in various shapes and sizes, but essentially they are bare with very few accents. Their texture and design exude high-class taste, though they are simplistic pieces. Another addition could be a console table. A console table’s sole purpose is to support a particular showpiece. The table itself comes in classy designs like clear acrylic with understated golden accents. Eccentric lamps are another piece that speaks of classy taste. These lamps come in unique but aesthetic shapes, adding both light and elegance to the living room.

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The kitchen interiors are usually functional rather than aesthetic, but that shouldn’t stop people from aspiring for kitchen decor. Simple and small pieces can effortlessly assimilate into the kitchen without hindering functionality. Hanging lights over a kitchen island are an Instagram-worthy aesthetic that doesn’t require much modification. Hanging lights come in various themes, though the popular choice seems to be caged lights with a bare bulb. Opting for warm and soft lights in the kitchen is another option to bring a stately aura to the kitchen. Although, the colour palette of the kitchen plays a vital role in choosing lighting tones. Another small addition could be vases or showpiece bowls. These bowls come in unique shapes and are not always functional, but they do add vibrancy to the kitchen, tying in the theme.


Standalone bathtubs on wooden floors by a big window; this Instagram aesthetic is probably familiar to several Australians. The image screams luxury, but the vibe is all about the colours in the picture rather than the pieces. Opting for a brown and gold aesthetic elevates the vibe of any bathroom. Even with basic amenities, these colours bring extravagance and can produce marvellous effects combined with the lighting. Gilded full mirrors are also an excellent choice for bathrooms with this decor, as they tie into the vibe exceptionally. Eccentric pieces like vases, bowls, toothbrush holders in unique shapes and patterns are exceptional centrepieces for bathrooms.


The central component of the bedroom is, of course, the bed, and several Australian made furniture accents can bring a classy vibe to a bed. The ideal option for bed accents is a bead frame or headboard. Opting for the padded kind is an excellent way of bringing extravagance to the bedroom. Additionally, lighting also elevates the vibe of a bedroom. Warm or soft lighting is a fine choice, as it brings both a cosy yet extravagant effect.

Furniture trends in Australia are constantly evolving, imbibing local aesthetics in global designs. The Australian furniture industry’s projections predict a rise to almost 22 billion AUD in the coming years, a testament to the ever-growing industry. Furniture made in Australia is also growing to be a larger part of the furniture industry for its local taste and vibe.