Looking For A Way To Share Your Files Safely? Use GogoPDF!

Sharing is one of the norms and easiest things to do in our digital era. On many different platforms, we can disseminate information with a simple click. However, we all know that there are many easy pitfalls with the digital world, and a simple click could turn into spreading viruses. That is why extra precaution is needed when using different kinds of software applications and websites.

A better way to send files is by making your work downloadable and sharing a secured link. Via this method, your file won’t have to go through the rigorous process of uploading itself to your email account. To ensure that your files are secured in the process, we know a website that adheres to tight security protocols and prioritizes its user’s safety, and that is GogoPDF.

Send Your Files with the Help of GogoPDF

If you’re looking for a convenient way to share a soft copy of your work, then you also have to make sure that you do it through a reliable method. When it comes to sending work files, like Word documents, Excel tables, and data PowerPoint Point presentations, we usually include them as attachments to our emails if possible. Yet factors like size limitation, internet speed, and other software issues could hinder the whole process, and sending them as attachments could sometimes be a long haul.

Any file deserves the best security when shared via the internet, whether it be highly confidential or school work that you have worked hard to finish. That is why GogoPDF creates a reliable sharing tool for anyone who wants to make sure that their work is not jeopardized once sent. With the simple steps listed down, you can be assured that you won’t have to go through a long, complicated process and you will be amazed at how simple file sharing can be.

  1. Upload the document you want to share. Get the file from your computer, or drag and drop it into the toolbox.
  1. Click on the Share File button.
  1. Email the download link along with a personalized message or copy the link, paste it into an email or text, and send it to your recipient.
  1. Download and save the file on your computer or share the document on all your social media accounts.

Three Benefits of Sending Via Download Link

You can send your files through different methods but don’t miss out on the advantages of sending them through a download link. 

1.   Light

Sending files can be a pain in the neck, especially when you have to send a large file size, and when you add to the mix the wavering connection of an unstable internet connection, and it could prove to be a frustrating challenge. With a download link, however, this won’t be the case. Since the responsibility to download is up to the receiver of your file.

All you have to do is to effortlessly send them the link to your work and attach a note to download it on their end. With link sharing, you have already saved time you could have spent waiting for your files to be uploaded in the email. With a simple light link to redirect your receiver, you get a hassle-free experience of sharing your work.

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2.   Secured

Sharing files can sometimes go wrong, but not with GogoPDF. With each file you want to share GogoPDF makes sure that data privacy is respected. All files uploaded in their system will be deleted after one hour to assure that your data will not be utilized for other purposes.

With a sharable link, you can set your file to viewer access if you don’t want to be tampered with by anyone. Along with that, you can put additional security levels to your file by converting it to a PDF.  PDF files have extra protection once you encrypt them with a security password given to those authorized to open them. GogoPDF also has an SSL Certificate to ensure all data coming in their server is not vulnerable to hacking while you are using their tools.

3.   Quality

There are instances that files can be distorted when we send them via attachment. By using a download link you make sure that your files will be extracted from a secure place, and prevent any mishap in form, structure, or quality in the process. With a download link, receivers are redirected to download the original form of the file.


Before sending your work, you can also use other tools to optimize the quality of your file, especially if you’re planning to send it through a PDF format. With GogoPDF, you can add additional elements to improve your file organization. If you want to be sure that your work won’t be compromised make sure to use GogPDF to share your files. If you have other PDF tasks to do, visit their website today so that all your soft copy documents, spreadsheets, and other files will be delivered in good shape!