How Long Should You Wear a Waist Trainer in a Day?

Waist trainers are an excellent way to make high-waisted pants fit better, along with making you look slimmer.

However, there is some confusion to the question: how long should you wear your waist trainer in a day? The answer varies depending on the type of waist trainer you wear, how tight it is, and what type of curvy and cute you’re trying to achieve.

1. Type of Waist Trainer

There are two main types of waist trainers: hard-shell corsets and soft-fabric cinchers. Wearing a hard-shell corset is not recommended as you can damage your back. In addition, they are made from boning and many have steel rods which make them very painful to wear for extended periods of time.

Soft-fabric waist trainers are made from sturdy material like latex or neoprene, but not stiff like plastic boning. They are gentler on your body, easier to put on and remove, provide the least amount of breathing room, and compress over the most surface area (your waist). You’ll find that soft-fabric waist trainers will offer excellent support for your back pain.

2. How Tight Should You Wear a Waist Trainer?

Soft-fabric waist trainers are designed to be worn so that you can still breathe, walk, squat, lift weights, and enjoy your daily activities without any problems. However, there is no harm in wearing it so tightly that you have trouble breathing, as long as you are able to move around without issues.

3. What Results Are You Trying To Achieve?

The amount of time you should wear a waist trainer in a day depends on what results are you trying to achieve. Are you trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or get a smaller waist?

If you’re trying to lose weight and your waist trainer is causing you difficulty breathing and moving around, then you may want to loosen it. However, if it is still comfortable and you can move around comfortably then keeping it on for longer isn’t going to cause you any harm.

While wearing a waist trainer doesn’t necessarily improve the results of doing crunches or push-ups, wearing one does strengthen your core muscles from being compressed from the waist trainer itself.

In addition, if your goal is to have “a tiny waist,” then wearing a waist trainer for 12 hours or more a day may be what helps with that. The more you wear a waist trainer each day, the smaller your waist will become.

How Long Should You Wear a Waist Trainer in a Day?

The best way to find out how long you should wear a waist trainer in a day is to experiment for yourself. Start with one hour and see how it feels. Then, increase by 15 minutes every other day until you reach the ideal amount of time for your body and fitness goals.

If you notice that your skin is inflamed or irritated from wearing your waist trainer for too long, then try taking it off every few hours to give your body some breathing room and see if that makes a difference.

In conclusion, how long you should wear a waist trainer in a day depends on your comfort level, how tight it is, and what you’re trying to achieve.