5 Simple Tricks To Start Eating Healthy

Most of us at least once have promised ourselves to start eating healthy tomorrow, on Monday, on January 1st. Yet, somehow, it turns out to be more complicated than we expected. There may be many reasons for it, mainly our environment, as it directly affects our behavior.

But once you tweak your habits a bit, you may find that it is simple and easy to stick to a proper diet. For example, if you change a big plate to a smaller one, you will eat less.

In this article, we’ve made a list of tips that may seem like no-brainers at first but prove to be incredibly effective once you try them! Take a look at those recommendations below.

Keep Water Close To You

Put it on your desk at work and by the side of your bed when you sleep. Then, when water is always at hand, you will drink very healthy drinks more often than not.

Use Plates That Have A Strong Contrast To The Food

When the color of the plate matches the color of the food, you are automatically putting more of that food because your brain can’t understand the contrast. Great choices are blue and green plates: they contrast strongly with pasta or potatoes, which means you will add them less, but practically do not contrast with herbs and vegetables, so you add them more.

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Store Healthy Foods In A Visible Place

For example, place a cup of fruit or nuts on the shelf next to your front door or wherever you go before leaving the house. When you are hungry or just bored, you open the fridge often and grab what comes to your hands. Make it a healthy snack.

Don’t Sleep With A Full Stomach.

Dinner should be before 3-4 hours of your sleep. This is exactly how much your organism needs to digest the food that you ate. If you have a habit of eating at night, try to go for healthy vegetables that consist primarily of water and make your stomach full. Cucumber is one such option you can go with. There is a lot of information about cucumber nutrition facts and many cucumber-based diets because of their lightness and health benefits.

Follow Healthy Food Bloggers Or Be The One

As healthy eating is on-trend, many food bloggers share their healthy recipe ideas about food. It is helping because you have the responsibility in front of your followers to try it too. So start to share your healthy eating, inspire people at once. Make it aesthetic to gain followers. For doing that, search for some Instagram story ideas to create functional and beautiful content with your food pictures.

If you like being a blogger, know that it is not just about taking a picture and putting it on an Instagram story; you need to create a content marketing strategy and improve your content marketing to create value for your followers.


When you try these strategies, you will see that their principle of operation comes down to a simple rule: we add extra steps between. This approach can be applied to other areas of life as well.

For example, if you’re going to run in the morning, prepare your shoes and clothes in the evening. 

There is a saying that to get a good habit or get rid of a bad one, you just need 21 days. So try it, and after that, share with us if it worked!