What is the best slot game of this year?

There are a variety of slot games that come out each and every year, these titles are enjoyed by players all over the world from casinos accepting pay by phone slots payments. Choosing the best slot game that has been released in the year can be an incredibly tough decision.

Slot game of the year 

Slot game of the year is a title which is awarded to the slot game which is most well liked in the year of its release. Although there is no official list, you will often find various players compiling their own slot game of the year shortlist at the end of each calendar year. Being named the slot game of the year is a very prestigious honour, especially when you consider the sheer amount of slot releases in a calendar year. The winner of the slot game of the year is a subjective outcome, there are a variety of factors that will influence a players decision such as playability, graphics and the state of the slot world as a whole. 

What makes a good slot 

A good slot game is what players are looking for, an enjoyable experience which will hopefully result in a nice payout. There are several factors that make a good slot. 

  1. Good payout – The main reason why most people play slot games is because of the potential payout, a good payout is what all good slot games have in common. Although players shouldn’t expect a slot to payout on every spin, they should expect a good potential return and plenty of bonuses to be won.
  2. Great features – Thanks to the amazing technology that modern slot developers have to use, modern slot games can have an abundance of gameplay features. A good slot will always offer a variety of features for players to enjoy.
  3. Graphics and animation – With improving technology, there is no excuse for having bad graphics and poor animations. A really good slot will provide innovative and realistic graphics that compliment the game well. 

What makes a bad slot 

While there are many features that make a good slot, unfortunately there are also many features which make a bad slot. Although taste is subjective, the poor quality of some slot games cannot be disputed. 

●     Glitches – A sign that a slot is not going to be very good is if it is riddled with glitches. A glitch is essentially when the gameplay freezes or doesn’t work how it is supposed to. This can be especially frustrating as slots have real money on the line, glitches can sometimes mean that a player loses some cash by no fault of their own.

●     Poor features – One thing that indicates the production of a slot game has been rushed or is not up to scratch is the poor implementation of features. Sometimes, when development is rushed, providers will use features which are boring and require no effort. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a variety of factors which contribute to a slot game becoming popular including it’s graphics, the range of features it offers and the payout potential.