What are the effective workouts for losing belly fat?

The round bulky belly is a commonly known fitness related problem that bothers a lot of people. Belly fat is stored around your waist. Excess amounts of fat in this region can pose serious health issues. Limiting your calorie intake is the first thing that you need to do for cutting down your belly fat. You must consume enough calories that you can burn in a day. Make sure you keep a tight check on the number of calories you are consuming. The other most obvious thing you need to do for reducing your belly fat is a regular workout.

The belly majorly impacts your physique, the way you dress besides imposing serious health risks such as high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels, blood pressure & several cardiovascular diseases. Here are the most effective workouts for losing belly fat. For more fitness guidelines click here.

1)  Burpees

Burpees is a full body intense workout. It targets your core, chest, shoulders, triceps lats, & quads. It is an explosive plyometric move, that elevates your heartbeat too. Burpees don’t only help in reducing your belly fat but tone your body.

For getting started with this workout, stand on your feet opened shoulder-width apart & send the hips back while you lower the body toward the floor by going into a low squat position. After that place, both of your hands outwards of the feet & back, while making your chest touch the ground underneath you. Then push both of your hands down against the ground to lift your body & go into the plank position. Then jump back on the feet, outside of the hands. Shift your whole weight on your heels, and jump back explosively in the air by placing both of the arms overhead.

2)  Flutter Kicks

It is a low-intensity workout that works on your core muscles. Flutter kicks specifically target the lower rectus abs and hip flexors. It is more like performing the swimming stroke, on the dry land. They can be performed easily by lying straight on a mat.

For performing this workout, lay down straight on your back, with your face towards the ceiling. Place both of your hands under your buttocks. Make sure you keep the lower back straight on the floor without any bend while you lift the right leg from the ground passing your hip height. Keep on lifting your left leg and make it hover a few inches from the ground. Hold your position for a moment, before switching the position of your legs. For an additional challenge consider lifting off your head from the ground. Repeat this moment for 30 seconds.

3)  Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunch targets all of your exterior abdominal muscles that you need to tone for having a well-shaped six-pack. This workout particularly emphasizes your lower abdominal muscles. It puts your abs under constant tension for a certain period. The slow moment is the key to perform this variation of crunches.

Start this workout by lying down straight on the floor with both of your arms placed on your sides. Then raise the legs till your thighs become perpendicular to the ground with your knees bent at an angle of 90°. Take a deep breath for contracting your abdominal muscles while bringing your knees up closer to your chest & raise the hips slightly off the ground. Hold this position for a moment, and gradually lower down your legs to the position you started.

4)  Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is a full-body workout like burpees. Mountain climbers target almost all of the major muscle groups in your body. It is more like a moving plank workout. Mountain climbers engage your core, biceps, calves, and glutes. get a full-body workout

It improves your mobility, burns calories, and tones your physique.

Start this workout by going into the high plank position. By placing both of your hands below your shoulders & extending the legs at your back. Then tuck your tailbone by engaging the core muscles. Make sure your body is aligned in a straight line. Bend one of your knees & draw it closer to the chest, straighten it at your back, & switch sides. Repeat the same workout 15 times.

5)  Vertical leg exercises

This workout works incredibly well for your abdominal muscles and obliques. Vertical leg raises help in building stronger abdominal muscles, improves stability & strength, burns your belly fat & tone your body. It completely isolates your rectus abdominis which plays a major role in toning the stomach.

For performing this workout Lay down straight on your back and place your palms below the hips. Start lifting your legs slowly at an angle of 90-degree. Make sure you keep the knees straight by pointing your feet straight towards the roof. Hold your position for a moment, and start lowering your legs as you exhale out.