The Best Obliques Exercises for A Strong Core

Strengthened oblique muscles benefit your body in so many ways. Your oblique muscles support your spinal column, lower all types of health-related issues, & significantly improve your physical performance and provide ease in doing quick movements & twisting. A better physique is a plus. That amazing high sought V-shape is the byproduct of a healthy diet & toned obliques. Apart from general belly toning workouts, there are specialized exercises that target your oblique muscles.

Your obliques come under the umbrella of core workouts; a lot of people fixate on toning the front of their abdominal muscles that form the six-pack. But in fact, your abs are made up of different muscles & it is important to work on all those. Strengthening all the muscles lies in your core makes you stronger and protects you from all sorts of injuries and gives your body an improved definition.

Oblique muscles run at both sides of your waist, starting from your ribs to your hip bones. They play a role every time you twist your torsos or perform any bending moment. Also, stronger obliques protect your lower back from all types of strain. Here are some of the best obliques strengthening exercises that you should perform after getting in your bodybuilding clothes.

1) Side Planks

Side planks target your obliques while working on your whole-body side including your shoulders, lower back, core, & hips. Start this workout by getting on the side with both of the feet stacked on the top of each other & the bottom forearm laying directly under your shoulder. Then engage the core & raise the hips till your whole body is aligned straightly from your head to toe. Stay in this position for 30 seconds without dropping your hips and repeat the workout on the other side.

2) Breakdance

This workout does not just tone your oblique muscles but elevates the heartbeat by the cardio. This exercise shed additional layers of fat faster than any other activity from your waistline. Start performing this exercise by getting on your fours with your knees beneath your hips & wrists placed exactly underneath your shoulders. Take a deep breath, for engaging your abdominal muscles, then lift your knees to hover from the mat. Then perform a kick by your right leg underneath your body while crossing to your left as you rotate the hips to your left side & drop your left heel on the mat. Reach your left arm simultaneously and extend it. Then return on your fours & hover. Repeat the same movement on the other side Perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps in each set.

3) Sit-Ups to Twist

Sit up to twist targets on your obliques while engaging all of your abdominal muscles. For performing this workout lay on your back while bending your knees and feet on the floor. Then place both of your hands under your head, engage the muscles of your core by doing a proper sit-up. As you reach the top of your sit-up, bring back the right elbow on the left knee while twisting the whole body toward the side. Lower your back down to get back to the starting position. Repeat the same moment by alternating sides. Perform 8-10 reps.

4) Spidermans

This is an amazing workout that works on your entire core. But the additional side crunch gives extra attention to your obliques. Spidermen give an additional bonus to your upper body exercises, as you use your arms, shoulders, & back for holding your plank position. Also, the plank moment keeps your butt engaged throughout the exercise. Start this workout by going down into the high plank position, with your arms extended & both of your hands placed under the shoulders. Make sure you keep your core engaged during this workout. Then bring the left knee closer to the left elbow. Utilize the strength of your upper body for turning toward the knee to perform a side crunch. Keep on doing the movements by alternating sides.

5) Elevated Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers might not seem an oblique exercise, but it is. It targets your obliques & abdominals and also emphasizes your pelvic mobility & cardiovascular strength. Hook yourself on an inclined surface, or a bench, stair, by positioning your hands on that inclined surface stretched slightly than your shoulder-width apart. Draw one of your legs closer to the chest. Keep on Alternating your leg position by pushing the hips up and extending your forward leg while pulling back your rear leg underneath your chest. perform 2 sets each of 30 reps.

6) Supine Obliques

This oblique workout isolates & strengthens your oblique muscles by activating them during the whole movement. And by protecting your lower back. For getting started with this workout Lie down on your back, by extending both of your arms straight overhead. Make sure you keep your core engaged, by lifting both of your legs to the tabletop position. Then bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Without slightly changing your knees angle

After that slightly tilt your knees to the left while lowering your feet till your toes tap on the floor. Then raise your legs back on the tabletop & repeat the same exercise on your other side. For more workout routines, visit