What are some of the best bonus features that slots have?

Playing Wizard slot games can provide tons of fun, but one of our favourite things about them is the epic jackpots that you can win! However, there is one thing even better than this – winning jackpots through amazing bonus features on slot games! If you’re not sure what we are talking about, you need to change that now. Read on to find out about the best bonus features that slots have – we will be investigating:

  • Free Spins
  • Cascading Reels
  • Expanding Wilds
  • Bonus Levels

Free Spins

One of the most common bonus features to find on a slot game is free spins – we particularly love these as it does exactly what it says on the tin, providing you with free opportunities to try your luck! Generally, this bonus feature will be triggered through matching wild symbols, and can provide you with five, ten or even more free spins! Best of all, most slot games these days allow for free spin re-triggers, meaning that you can continue to accumulate free spins without any maximum – amazing!

Cascading Reels and Expanding Wilds

Back in the old days, the reels and symbols of a slot machine would be static, and your chances of winning depended solely on matching paylines. However, these days there are some pretty insane bonus features that changes the format of slots dramatically. Cascading reels is a prime example – this is a bonus mechanism that will result in high-paying symbols to fall to lower reels in order to trigger a payout! Another similar bonus feature is expanding wilds – instead of falling, these grow larger and larger resulting in them creating matches across multiple reels. Both features are a great way to increase your winnings, and they are also very satisfying to watch!

Bonus Levels

Our favourite type of online slot bonus features are bonus levels. What does this mean exactly? Well, that depends – the best slot developers out there will design innovative and unique bonus levels for slots that cannot be found in other games. This makes them particularly exciting as you simply do not know what to expect. However, one thing is consistent – these bonus levels always have massive pay outs! The mechanisms behind these features vary drastically, but some of the things that you can expect include:

  • 3D video graphics that provide storylines for the slot
  • Epic mini games that use different gaming mechanisms to the core game
  • Opportunities to rack up additional bonus features such as bulk free spins!

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive though – every bonus level that is produced for a slot game is unique, so if you’re looking to spice up your slot session then it’s a great idea to find a game with a bonus level!

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are simply too many amazing bonus features to list here, but we think that you are going to love the examples that we chose. Do some research to find slots that feature these bonus features, and we guarantee that you are going to be spicing up your slot session – enjoy!