8 Amazing Things that Make Visiting Belgium More Exciting!

Travelling and visiting Belgium is one of the nicest things you can do before you die. Simply because you have so much to experience, learn, see, and witness in this country which you can find in Western Europe. 

Belgium is abundantly diverse in art, culture, natural beauty, language, history and people. That’s why there’s no wonder why both locals and tourists instantly fall in love with this exceptionally marvellous place.  

And what will make you more fond of visiting Belgium is the series of amazing and fun facts you might never know until now. 

So, are you ready to fall in love with Belgium more and more? If you are, then you better keep your eyes on the next pages up until the last!

1. It survived 589 days without a government

Visiting Belgium

One crazy fact you’ll love more about Belgium is its ability to survive without a government for 589 consecutive days! 

In fact, Belgians were really okay with it since it means there would be no tax increases.  

2. Belgium has 3 official languages

Don’t be surprised if you hear different languages from here and there once you visit Belgium. 

It’s because, surprisingly, Belgium has three official languages; Dutch, French, and German. 

About 85% of Belgian residing in Brussels are French-speaking people. And about one in every ten Belgians is bilingual. 

Don’t you think that’s cool, huh?

3. You can get a taste of all Belgian beer for over 3 years

Tasting every Belgian beer isn’t as easy as you thought it could be. It’s because to taste each of it will take you over 3 years!

Though nobody has a clue about the exact numbers of Belgian beers yet, it says by the expert that there are an estimated 1200 unique Belgian beers to try! 

And what you’ll love more about it is that each Belgian beer comes with distinct designs of glasses. 

So, what do you think? Would you spend your 3 years just to get drunk with all the Belgian beers?

4. French fries is actually a Belgian invention

Are you a fries lover? Well, if you are, you better know that french fries are truly a Belgian invention!

So, some say and debate that the so-called “French Fires” should be “Belgian fries” instead. 

Hmm, somehow, it makes sense. What do you think, huh?

5. Belgium permits same-sex marriage

The issues involving the LGBTQ+ community have been several of the hottest topics of various discussions recently. 

And just so you know, Belgium was the second country in the world to approve same-sex marriage. Belgium was also one of the first countries to legalise homosexuality. 

6. Antwerp: Diamond capital of the world

Visiting Belgium
Visiting Belgium

If you find your way to a fine and relaxing accommodation in Antwerp in Belgium, just feel the vibe because you’re in the Belgian city that’s noted to be the diamond capital of the world!

Yes, you read it right. Since the 15th century, Antwerp has been the focal point of the diamond trade. 

7. Belgian chocolates are second to none

If you love Belgium that much, you must know that Belgian chocolates are the best chocolates you’ll find in town!

So, it must be a little insult to give chocolates to Belgians whether as an occasional present or welcome gift. 

It’s because there are really no chocolates in this world that taste like the Belgian’s. They’re absolutely second to none! 

8. It has several of the finest music festivals in the world

Visiting Belgium

Aside from tasting a great variety of Belgian beers, and Belgian chocolates, you might also want to experience the fun and beauty of Belgium’s music festivals. 

Belgium is also home to several of the finest and liveliest music festivals in the world. Firsts on your list must be the Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, and I Love Techno!

And once you had a chance to see and experience a Belgian music festival, you’ll clearly understand why thousands of tourists from here and there can’t resist visiting the fantastic country of Belgium. 

Must know: General facts about Belgium 

Area: 30, 528 square km. 

Official name: Kingdom of Belgium

Official languages: Dutch, French, and German

Location: Western Europe 

Capital city: Brussels

Largest city: Brussels

Currency: Euro (€)

So, what do you think now about planning on visiting Belgium? Don’t you think that it’s one of the best countries that must have a place on your travel bucket list? Share us your thoughts or comment down below!


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