Vincenzo’s Got Style: All The Hublot Watches Song Joong Ki Wore

Actor Song Joong-Ki stars in the trending Korean drama, ‘Vincenzo’, where he plays the titular character of Vincenzo Cassano. His role paints him as an Italian lawyer of Korean descent, a consigliere for an Italian mafia, with a sense of style that quickly became everyone’s male fashion inspiration. 

Apart from the action-filled narrative and dark comedy plots, many K-drama fans would agree that one thing they look forward to in the drama is the array of polished ensembles, not to mention the most luxurious accessories, SJK don to dress up for his role. This is matched by other characters’ outfits which are equally impeccable and sharp-looking. 

Let’s Talk About Vincenzo and His Love Affair with Hublot Watches 

Throughout the drama, we see the lead star wearing luxury timepieces that match his suit-and-tie look. One of the luxury brands often gracing his wrists is the Swiss watchmaker, Hublot. Here, we break down some of the Hublot watches that Song has worn in ‘Vincenzo’ so far. 

Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold

If you’ve been following the hit drama, you would know that the anti-hero can afford the finer things in life. These include a Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold that is estimated to cost almost $40,000. The 45mm watch features an 18K king gold case with a polished and satin finish. The dial is matte black with a coordinating black PVD titanium clasp and an 18K king gold insert buckle. This gold is an exclusive Hublot metal with a warmer shade than the standard 18K 5N red gold. It is mixed with copper and platinum for a more stabilized shade.

Unfortunately, Vincenzo lost this watch in the first episode when he was robbed just after flying back to South Korea. He then replaced it with another classic Hublot piece which, while a little less eye-catching, is expensive just the same. 

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Hublot Classic Fusion 45mm Chronograph Titanium King Gold 

With a retail price of $13,400, Vincenzo is also seen sporting this 45mm diameter Classic Fusion Chronograph. It features a black dial encased in satin-finish titanium with 18K king gold and finished with black rubber straps. It may seem plain at first sight but look a little closer and you will see six subtle H-shaped titanium screws—a reflection of the brand’s attention to detail. 

The timepiece runs on HUB1143 automatic movement and is water-resistant for up to 50m. The dial is protected with a sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective treatment. 

Hublot Classic Fusion Racing Grey Chronograph King Gold 45mm 

The Classic Fusion Titanium King Gold made an appearance during the 4th episode where Song wore a second Hublot watch: The Fusion Racing Grey Chronograph. It’s another 45mm diameter timepiece with a gray satin-finished dial, 18K king gold, and matching black rubber and gray alligator straps. It retails for $30,800, a value that’s worth its contemporary style and elegance. 

Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Green 

Green is not commonplace in terms of luxury watches, yet it continues to be an interesting color of choice for discerning men who’s bold enough to embrace their individuality and let it show in their watch. 

We saw this Classic Fusion King Gold Green when Vincenzo went on an undercover mission. It features an eye-catching olive green dial, an 18K king gold case, with a coordinating gold clasp and black-plated stainless steel buckle. It is presented in green alligator leather straps and is water-resistant for up to 100M. 

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Blue 42mm 

In episodes 15 and 16, SJK wore the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Blue, which retails for almost $21,000. It boasts a blue sunray titanium dial and a striking blue Alligator strap. It is also available in 45mm and 39mm versions, where the smaller one features a diamond-set bezel for added pizzazz. 

This Spirit of Big Bang collection is the barrel-shaped sibling of the iconic Big Bang watch. It features intricate layers of design interwoven with a bold and eclectic choice of colors and the use of robust metals like titanium and precious stones like diamonds. The result is a diverse, spectacular collection that any watch enthusiast would find special. 

A Hublot Watch for You

If these watches aren’t any sign, Vincenzo seems to favor pairing his dapper looks with sporty accessories. Several other watches from different brands have been featured in the series, but those from Hublot were among the most striking ones we have ever seen.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, given Hublot’s reputation in leading the way in the luxury watchmaking industry. Since its foundation in 1980, the brand continues to enjoy the global spotlight with its high-performing watches, ranging from contemporary to classic timepieces. 

Have you seen ‘Vincenzo’? Which of Song Joong-Ki’s Hublot watches is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.