Top 10 Essential Kitchen Devices

It is impossible to make a single universal list of small and large kitchen appliances that everyone would like to add to his kitchen. Let’s figure out which gadgets are needed in the kitchen and which can be left on the shelf in the store. 

Kitchen Stove

Every home has a stove in the kitchen, and there’s no need to hit a jackpot with a BetChan casino login. Everyone knows that the advantage of a gas stove is its economy, and electric stoves – the absence of open flame. Fancy induction stoves are good too, but they often sell for a hefty price.

If you’re choosing the type of these appliances, check out our material on choosing cookware for each type of stove.

The Oven or the Stove

Everything’s pragmatic with this appliance, too. Gas appliances are cheaper, easier to operate, and last a long time. Electric appliances have more options, larger chamber volume, and a higher level of safety.


Undoubtedly, the most important and energy-intensive appliance in the kitchen is the refrigerator. But not everyone knows that some vegetables should not be stored in it.


It’s a tool to make everyday life easier. Especially if there are small children in the family who are always getting something dirty. It is also a tool to save time, electricity and water.

There are quite a few small desktop models on the appliances market now: their volume is enough to clean up one or two days’ supply of dirty dishes for a family of 2-3 people. Among these models, there are standalone ones as well – they do not need to be connected to the water supply.

Microwave Oven

In the home, the microwave is most often used for heating and defrosting. But models with advanced functions help save space: with them, you won’t need appliances like a steamer or an oven for cooking desserts.

You can upgrade your microwave and learn how to cook different dishes in it quickly and efficiently: our selection of videos below will help you.


How great is the usefulness of this small household appliance: you choose a program, you put the products and everything will cook itself. There are smart multi cookers that can be controlled remotely.

Electric Kettle

Smart kettle is a necessary household appliance, as it turns on from the phone, heats water to within a degree, can work in night and alarm clock mode, will prompt when to change the water.

Electric Grill

More and more often people are choosing an electric grill instead of a stove, toaster and waffle maker. After all, this tool is economical, can fry steaks, bake vegetables, cook desserts, and toast. This small household appliance does the heavy lifting.


Do you want to juice seasonal fruits so you can drink pure vitamins in winter? Then you need a professional juicer. 

However, the fashion for small household juicers, working in a mode “for one glass”, is coming to naught: there is a lot of fuss with their cleaning.

Coffee Maker or Coffee Machine

Not everyone needs it: many people prefer instant coffee or ground coffee in a French press. If you can’t imagine your day without coffee, a coffee maker is a useful and necessary appliance.