6 Fun Things to do Make Your Business Trip Like A Vacation

Doing business trips usually often takes us to explore places we have never visited before. This is certainly fun for some people. It’s like a vacation while working, serious but also relaxed.

Especially if you are on a business trip to Singapore and choose hotels in Clarke Quay. Surely your business trip will be enjoyable with a beautiful view of the city of Singapore. Moreover, Clarke Quay is also one of the places that should not be missed when visiting this country.

If you think about it, it’s fun too if a business trip can be that much fun. Hmm, but is it possible to combine vacation and business trip? You can and don’t worry! By following these tips, you can feel the holidays even when you are busy.

Maximize Time of Stay

When booking accommodation, generally the office will only accommodate hotels according to the length of our business trip. Beyond that all costs must be borne alone. Therefore, if you want to stay longer, try to negotiate with the hotel manager to extend your stay at the company rate.

Or choose a place to stay at an affordable price but still comfortable. One of them is by booking a hotel room on Traveloka. You can access many hotels through applications and websites. Of course, there are many promos that you can get when you book accommodation, which will certainly help you save expenses.Manage

Money Spending

If you decide to extend, spending is a mandatory thing that must receive special attention. Usually the company will only prepare pocket money, transportation and hotel payment processing according to the set time. Well, it’s when you extend that you have to prepare personal funds. Separate personal money from the allowance provided by the company!

Create Schedule

Before leaving for Singapore, you can find out what work you will do in the city or country of destination and how long the work will take to complete. Also, check to see if there’s a day where you can enjoy other things and take a break from work.Usually at night, the daily agenda is finished and that’s when you have free time to enjoy the destination city. But you should avoid coming home too late so you are not late for the agenda the next day.

Visiting Popular Places

To feel the feel of a vacation while on a business trip, try to visit iconic places in the surrounding area, or just stop for dinner to taste the local cuisine. Although it looks simple, this short activity can add a holiday feel to your business trip.

Culinary Activities

Here’s what to do when you’re on a business trip! Do not miss the culinary tour in the area. Each city has its own popular and distinctive dishes. So, don’t regret not trying it, okay?

When the work is done, for dinner you can go to a recommended restaurant or food stall. Try the most popular menu in that place. In addition to heavy food, try snacks and special drinks!


Yes, one of the things that can be enjoyed from a business trip is shopping! Take time to buy gifts for family and friends. Don’t forget to also please yourself by buying something you like there. Buying for yourself is also a reward for what you have done.

Set aside a daily allowance so that you can have more budget for shopping. Try asking the inn, acquaintances or browsing the internet about what shopping places are recommended in the area where you are on a business trip.

Those are business travel tips to make it more fun and feel like you’re on vacation. If you need hotel recommendations around Clarke Quay, then Traveloka has M Social Singapore which is located at 90 Robertson Quay, Clarke Quay, Singapore, 238259. There are many interesting locations that you can visit in this place!