Tips and Ideas to Promote Your School Fundraising Event

School fundraisers can be tricky to manage for most organizers. The number one thought concerning school organizers is that most people won’t show up for the fundraising activity. It is one thing to generate interest in students related to a forthcoming fundraiser and a completely other thing to get people from the local community and the area around you to show up at your fundraiser. 

Imagine this. You turn up at your school’s fundraising event and see that there are more people in the audience than you could have had imagined. You see smiling faces all over the crowd, and they are all here because you promoted your event well and were able to generate interest within your target market. 

As pretty as that thought sounds to you, it can be a big ask to get a good audience to your school’s fundraiser. You need to pepper your social media and website with well-designed posters, updates, and flyers to promote the fundraiser and its benefits. if you do have not any posters so you can also see poster design ideas for your social media and website. In this article, we mention some of the key ideas to follow for your school’s fundraiser. Keep a track of these pointers and see how they help improve performance.

Make Full Use of Visuals 

If you want to promote your school’s fundraiser, you need to position it as a fun event with plenty of things and activities happening around. Your designs should say, ‘hey, look at me!’ rather than just appearing bold and bland. People who haven’t come to any of your fundraisers before and don’t know how cool they are will form their opinion on the basis of the visual marketing you use. Go for striking, colorful and bold designs in your marketing campaign to catch the eye and communicate the vibe. 

Besides just the normal stagnant flyers, you should also use interactive videos to communicate with your potential audience. Make people pay attention to your video message, as a split second glance can win them over. 

Leverage Social Media 

A lot of the students in your school, their parents, their friends and people from the general community spend a lot of their time on social media. Users on social media are usually checking out Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter on a routine basis. 

Since you know that social media gets every one’s attention, you might benefit from sneaking into their phones and stealing a bit of that limelight for yourself. Get a bit of that limelight for your event and post regular updates in the form of videos, brochures and flyers on social media. 

Use Videos on Social Media 

Next up, you can benefit by combining both of our first two tips together. Videos and social media updates go hand in hand to get you the traction and response you need for your event. Help people visualize what your fundraiser looks like so that they’re attracted and want to visit it. Once you get their attention, you can then invite them over with a message or a caption along with the video. It’s also a good idea to have CTA buttons to easily allow people to contact you or learn more about the event. 

Have stories and views from your regular audience on your social media to tell about just how good the event was last time. 

Use Influencers 

If you want your fundraiser to go big, you should try thinking about using influencers. Fortunately, there are a number of influencers available online who you can contact. Understand the potential target market for your audience and get in touch with an influencer who resonates with the audience. Once you have finalized the deal with an influencer of your liking, you should promote the event and even have them record a small video message talking about their availability at the event. People might come in to meet them and your audience will skyrocket. 

Go Offline 

While there are plenty of ways to interact with people online, offline methods of conversation and branding still hold value. You should look to go offline through methods of marketing such as brochures and flyers. Design interactive flyers and distribute them in the local area. Let people know what’s happening and mention an itinerary on the brochure for more details. Mention a number as well for people to contact you. 

We hope these tips and ideas to promote your fundraiser help you get the kind of traffic you want at your event. However, before you finalize promotion methods read more to find out some interesting school fundraising ideas.