6 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight is more often than not a stressful journey for many people; however, what if we tell you that it does not have to be uncomfortable, tricky or nerve-wracking. We understand that with all the capricious advice and plethora of fad diets, it can get hard to determine what is effective, what works for you and/or simply, what route is plain unsafe. Therefore, in this blog post, we have shared some tried-and-true ways to ensure as well as enjoy healthy weight loss.

So, whether you are trying to prevent or fight a health problem or are working on getting in shape, we are here to tell you that there are SAFE and effective ways to accomplish your weight loss target.

Below we have shared six weight loss tips that can help you lose all that stubborn fat the right way!

Tip #1: Eat Protein (lots of it!)

This is probably one of the most important tips for weight loss. Creating meals around protein is crucial for losing weight due to numerous reasons, such as:

  • It has a high satiety index that helps in keeping you feel fuller for longer.
  • It has a high thermic effect i.e. eating protein can help you burn calories faster.
  • It helps curb your insulin response, which is crucial for fat burning.
  • It helps preserve muscle mass while you are on a weight loss diet and hence, maintains your metabolic rate.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons and more, make sure the first thing you put on your plate is decent portions of high protein foods such as chicken, lean beef, fish, turkey, eggs, etc. while you are on a diet. Additionally, you can also use thermogenic fat burning supplements like oxyshred to further boost weight loss.

Tip #2: Eat Several Healthy Meals

After devouring a huge, greasy meal, have you ever noticed how all you want to do next is to take a nap? We are certain you have at one point or the other. Massive portions, particularly of not exactly healthy foods, can exhaust your body and leave you feeling lethargic.

On the other hand, eating many small meals in a day will enable your body to keep up the metabolic rate for the extra caloric burn. Due to this, we recommend you to take at least 4 to 6 portion-controlled healthy meals that would maintain your blood sugar and prevent you from getting hungry throughout the day – something that easily leads to overeating.  

Tip #3: Cut Out Refined Carbs & Added Sugar

Generally, refined carbs and sugar have no place in a weight loss journey for the following reasons:

  • They’re not filling.
  • They’re full of useless, empty calories,
  • They instigate superfluous cravings.
  • They lead to massive spikes in both blood, insulin, and glucose, quickly halting the fat burning process.

Vegetables, fruits, and moderate portions of whole grains are okay – just be sure to stay clear of refined and processed carbs (for e.g. white rice, white bread, white pasta, candy, cake, processed soda, meals, etc.) that have no vitamins, fibre, and minerals.

Tip #4: Do Not Skip Meals

Many people assume that skipping breakfast or lunch is an excellent way to cut down on calories. However, it is not. Skipping meals actually do more harm to your body than good. In addition to this, it is extremely unhealthy and simply does not help in losing weight or keeping it off.

Just like the old saying goes, “Always do a kings breakfast” – it truly is the most crucial meal of the day. Missing quick morning bites deprives the body of the chance to kick start its metabolism, which eventually results in a desire to eat bigger and unhealthy meals later.

Tip #5: No Cheat Meals – Yes to Treat Meals

Terming the occasional breaks from your weight loss diet plan a “cheat meal” indicates that what you’re doing is wrong. Let us be clear on this: it is not! See it as getting a bit of time off for good behaviour.

If you are sticking to a healthy diet and following your weight loss regime ninety per cent of the time, you’ve earned the right to relax every now and then. Make a mental note that you aren’t cheating – that ten per cent is completely acceptable! In addition, saying that you’re cheating leads to a negative spin on your eating habits which is:

(a) Unhealthy, and

(b) Can make you feel rebellious, leading to overindulgence (snowball effect).

You will start thinking, “If I am cheating, might as well do it the proper way.” This kind of mentality is more harmful than eating a treat. So, beware!  

Tip #6: Be Consistent & Do Not Give Up!

While sticking to a healthy regime of clean eating, sufficient hydration, exercise can be hard, it is definitely possible. The start of the weight-loss journey may seem challenging, but do not be too hard on yourself if you slip up.

Nobody is perfect at planning meals, heading to the gym on time, or swapping unhealthy meals for healthier options; all of it comes gradually. All you have to remember is to make a plan, be persistent, and get help from experts in case the need arises.

Closing Note

Remember, you do not have to brand yourself as a “diet nut” by telling everybody that your weight loss tips or diet are better than theirs, simply because it is not. Any healthy weight loss diet would work effectively as long as it ensures the needed calorie deficit and, more importantly, you sticking to it.

Losing weight is not complicated, lest you make it that way. Follow these six weight loss tips to simplify your journey and save yourself from ever having to follow a ridiculous weight loss plan again.