The Benefits of a Virtual Phone System

If you’ve been keeping up with the business world, you’ve probably seen that a lot of startups are taking a new approach to their communication needs. Rather than paying ridiculous amounts of money for a traditional phone system with all the bells and whistles, they’re switching to virtual phone systems.

What do these new alternatives do for startups, though? How do they change the game and make success more likely?

Let’s talk about it.

1: A Virtual Phone System is Cheaper

First and foremost, you don’t have to spend thousands to get a fully functional phone system set up when you choose a virtual phone system. Instead, you just pay an inexpensive monthly fee and install some software. It’s a lot like using Netflix, but instead of paying for entertainment, you pay for an easy-to-use communication system that can handle all of your company’s communication needs.

Not only does this cut your overall costs by a ton, but it also makes it easier for you to determine your monthly expenses. With a traditional provider, you may suddenly have to pay for costly hardware replacements, IT visits, and other additional costs. With a virtual phone system, those things are either unnecessary or included in your monthly fee.

2: There’s No Dedicated Hardware

A traditional phone system requires a phone receiver in every office and peripherals for call recording, call holding, sublines, and every other feature. This reliance on dedicated hardware increases costs complicates maintenance and leaves a bunch of extra stuff laying around your work area.

A virtual phone system doesn’t use any of that. You simply install it on your normal business or personal tech. It’s just an app. This means that instead of paying for phones and peripherals to be installed in every office, you can pay for a company-wide license and install the app on everyone’s phone or computer. They’ll all have access to all the features you want them to have, and there’s no need to buy extra hardware.

3: You Can Customize Employee Privileges

Does Nathan run the customer service and need access to every communication feature you have? You can give him full access to your virtual phone system. Does Natasha need to call other businesses to handle your B2C marketing, but doesn’t need to be alerted every time a team member tries to ask about bathroom breaks? You can disable those distracting features while allowing the ones she needs.

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A virtual phone system is fully customizable, and you can set all those things up from a simple interface within the app. This gives you unparalleled control over your team’s at-work communications, and it’s far easier than using traditional methods.

4: It’s Fully Functional

A virtual phone system may just be an app, but it has all the features of a full-blown phone system. Call recording, call holding, call stacking, texting, personal messages, call waiting music, caller ID, and other must-have business features are all included.

Try a Virtual Phone System Today

A virtual phone system provides a lot of benefits that you simply can’t get with traditional options. To see exactly what a virtual phone system can do for you, make the switch, today!