7 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure in 2021

We use our smartphones for just about everything, from online banking to ordering food and groceries, booking a doctor’s appointment, downloading music, gaming and staying in touch with friends and family. Hence it is very critical to make sure that the information on our phones remains secure and is only accessible to the people and apps we intend to share it with.

With the number of security breaches and threats on the rise, many users are falling victim to such malicious attacks. Here’s a look at a few easy tips you can take to ensure your smartphone is more secure.

Lock your mobile

Today many people keep their phones unlocked for ease of use. However, this could pose a threat to your security in the unfortunate event of misplacing the phone or theft. This could be on account of contact data being stolen, photos being misused and circulated or unauthorized online transactions which can have a hefty bearing. 

Today most phones like the Realme X7 Max at a starting price of Rs 24999 come with a Face Unlock, in-display Fingerprint scanner and pattern screen lock to give you the freedom to opt for the most convenient way to unlock your handset. 

Iris scanners are the next big thing in smartphones and are considered to be more secure than fingerprint scanners and are available in phones like the Xiaomi Mi 6 priced under 25000. 

Future-proof with 5G

Wifi is our go-to option when we face mobile network issues especially while travelling. However it is important to be mindful of unsecured Wifi networks. With 5G technology expected to go live in India, one can expect better network connectivity, reach and 100X faster downloading as compared to 4G which will reduce our dependence on external Wifi networks. 

And the best way to future-proof your phone and leverage this network when it is finally available in India, would be to upgrade to a 5G mobile. The recently launched Realme X7 Max is one of the best 5G phones in India priced under 25000 and comes with Dual SIM Standby technology which will allow you to access high-speed network thanks to the Dimensity 1200 5G processor and 30% power consumption reduction because of the ‘Smart 5G’ feature. 

Regular Operating system (OS) upgrade

OS updates not only boost the performance of the phone but also correct security threats by fixing bugs that might have existed. Many Android phones give you the flexibility to update the OS whenever the latest version is available.

Take for instance, the June 2021 Android security patch to the X7 Max 5G comes with a bunch of optimizations and bug fixes, optimizes system performance and improves system stability, and adds the dynamic RAM expansion feature.

Lock your apps 

If you want to have peace of mind, then it is advisable to encrypt critical apps which are used for monetary transactions or contain personal information, with a password.  In Realme’s UI, the app lock can be used either with Password or Fingerprint and Face lock too.  

Online payment security

Most of us have switched to online banking for all our day-to-day transactions. This does pose a threat to our bank account security and having a phone with enhanced security layers is a necessity. 

Mid-budget Samsung Phones like the Samsung Galaxy A7 priced under 20000 come with a unique feature ‘Samsung Pay’ which provides a double layer of security. 

So whether you are shopping or transferring funds, your card information is encrypted in a completely secure data vault while not leaving traces of anything which can compromise your security. 

Personal Information Protection

A smartphone is a personal device where you store your personal files, documents, images and audios which you would not want to share with anyone. Given that your phone is connected to the internet, there is always a risk of being hacked. 

The Google Pixel 5 priced at Rs 51000 is considered as one of the most secure Android phones and comes with the customized Titan chip to help protect your most sensitive personal data such as passcode protection, encryption, and secure transactions in apps. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 priced at Rs 70000 offers rock solid security features thanks to the Samsung Knox which provides an extra layer of protection.

Device Loss 

In case your phone gets stolen, you can remotely track your phone, enable a phone lock and erase data. For this to be successful, you need to have signed into a Google account, have the phone powered on and connected to an internet connection. 

The Vivo V19 at a starting price of Rs 20,968 comes with the ‘Find my Phone’ feature which enables the phone ringtone to be played at maximum volume even though it is on silent mode along with the ability to erase the device data completely to ensure security of your documents and photos is not compromised.

To conclude, one should take personal accountability to ensure mobile phones are kept safe. Always look at the privacy and security features offered by different smartphone manufacturers and select the one which is most tuned to your requirement. 

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