Southern Tree and Lawn Care

Southern Tree and Lawn Care provide a wide range of services from storm damage to landscaping and removal of trees. Some services include sod laying, mulching, covering, rinse cleaning, stump grinding, tree removal and trimming, commercial and residential mowing and paddling, fence repair and installation, irrigation maintenance, and lawn lighting.

We look after trees at schools, churches, public parks, businesses, and house gardens. We have certified NPTC and City and Guilds and we have equipment and trucks to work effectively. Southern Tree Care is a specialist in tree care and protection. With our tree services, which include tree removal, stump removal, and tree trimming and slipping, we will make your property more attractive. Our courteous team will do all it takes to maintain the value of your home at its best if you wish to sell it. For your protection, we are fully insured.

There are following services from Southern tree care:

  • Hazardous Trees

We adores large mature trees and respects them. All too frequently, however, trees are not adequately maintained can lead to hazardous circumstances. If we minimize the danger, we can live side by side with these green giants. This is done by decreasing the tree canopy height and spread, thereby reducing the wind resistance or sailing area. This is typically done for trees that are too big for the location or have biomechanical structural defects. We may also identify and remove dead or unstable branches

  • Formational customization

The size, form, age, condition, location, and species of each tree are evaluated separately. All pruning is only done by trained arborists with care and respect for the tree. The ABC cut technique ensures that the branch collar stays intact. Every branch is eliminated. Every big limb is removed using ropes and slings. Controlled reduction of all materials is an important part of our work.

‘Crown lifting’ may also involve formational pruning. This entails removing the lower branches to obtain the height clearance from the ground to the first branch. This helps block walking routes, lawns, highways, towers, and buildings.

  • Hedge Removal

While gardeners typically do hedge trimming, we have a large list of customers for this service. We can clean tiny hairpins and shrubs or cut big overgrown hedges like a series of conifers to a reasonable height.

  • Planting and refurbishment

You are in good hands with the Southern Tree Service team if you want expert advice on tree planting. We are glad to advise you on your chosen location and species to improve your property with our professional knowledge. We can take care of the whole procedure from the preparation of the site through aftercare.

  • Grinding Stump

At South Tree Services, we are proud to provide the finest equipment and efficient and professional service available on the market. When grinding to the stump, the broader swing arc covers more areas. The higher molding height and greater molding depth allow you to handle bigger stumps and pursue the roots more deeply. And simple controls and nullification make it easy to grind stumps.

Emergency Care 

We all live among trees and this is what makes Ireland so lovely. However, this is why we need specialists in tree care. Not all trees are maintained and trees may seriously harm their environment when harsh weather strikes. If you are interested in a service we may provide, but do not find it on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us!