4 Ways To Freshen Up A Dated Website

There’s no doubt that customers today are doing more online research than ever before. In fact, even if they choose to purchase in store, chances are they’ve made up their minds because of the amount of information they already have on the Internet.

If a customer decides to look at your products and services, he or she will almost always visit your website. If you’re website isn’t up to mark or outdated, customers will move on to competitors. Here are some ways to freshen up a dated website and boost your SEO in the process:

Check And Update Contact Information

Your contact information is vital for people to get in touch with you so make sure you check to see that it is still accurate. Consider the following:

  • Check contact details like phone numbers and email IDs to make sure customers have the right information to get in touch with you.
  • Make sure your working hours is up to date and correct so people know when to get in touch with your business.
  • Add a directions map to your office or store to make it easier for people to find where you’re located.
  • Check other websites your contact information is on to make sure it is accurate.
  • Make the contact us page easily visible on your website so customers can find the details they need without having to look too hard for it.

Incorrect contact information makes your business look unprofessional, and can frustrate customers. You don’t want to end up frustrating customers because they could easily end up going to your competitors. Make sure you check and update all your contact information.

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Update Posts And Blog Pages

When was the last time you updated your blog page? Imagine a customer visiting your website and noticing that your last blog post was three years ago. They’ll know your website is outdated and will probably leave in an instant. Follow these steps:

  • Check your blog page to identify the last time you added new information on there.
  • Review old blog posts and remove anything that is irrelevant to customers today.
  • Enlist in a blog content writing service to help infuse your website with regularly updated and informative posts.
  • Remove broken links to build credibility and trustworthiness in your website.

These steps will give your website new content, which can drive interest with your target audience and boost your organic SEO rankings over time.

Check Your Website’s Compatibility

In today’s world, customers aren’t just checking websites from their computers and laptops. Most often, they’re using their mobiles and tablets while they are on the go. Your website must be compatible with all devices. Consider the following:

  • Is your website easy to view on smaller screens like mobiles or tablets?
  • Make sure the images and videos are quick to load to reduce time spent waiting.
  • Does the text look readable on smaller screens and devices?

Your website should be easily viewable on all devices so make sure you check its compatibility. A website that is easy to use will increase visitor engagement and your chance of making the sale – helping both your business and SEO efforts.  

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Change The Appearance Of Your Website

Is your website looking old and dated? Are the colours just not working out with the brand image you want to set today? Consider the following:

  • Work with a professional web designer to identify colours and font styles that work for your business website today.
  • Use contemporary images, videos and infographics to draw visual interest in your website.
  • Optimise images and videos and post new content to revive the website, and make it easier for people to find you by using relevant keywords.
  • Make sure the call to actions are clear and obvious so visitors know exactly what they need to do on your website.

When visitors come to your website, they want to find all the information they need without any big effort. They also want something that is visually appealing. Make sure you refresh the appearance of your website for more success.

A dated website can hold you back because visitors today are particular. They want information at their fingertips and they want content to be relevant. If your website isn’t catchy or fresh enough, you may end up losing out to your competition.