Is there anything about Dubai that makes it so mesmerizing? There isn’t just one thing, though. Dubai is exceptional due to a combination of reasons and factors. It’s not just the magnificent structures, fantastic shopping malls, or the opulent lifestyle that make Dubai a memorable destination; it’s also the additional activities available in Dubai, such as adventure sports, that will make your vacation unforgettable. Quad Biking is one such activity that exhilarates your body. 

Quad biking is a four-wheeled recreational activity that is often conducted outdoors. The joy of riding a huge bike over incredible terrain with no constraints is unrivaled. Quad riding adds to the excitement of Dubai desert safaris by taking an adventurous ride through the vast desert while seeing the magnificent Dubai skyline.

Quad riding in Dubai is one of the most popular experiences in Dubai, owing to the breathtaking surroundings and the perfect time on offer. If you want to make your desert safari in Dubai the ideal trip you’ve ever had, quad riding is a must-do addition to your already action-packed excursion. Not sure how to choose the best desert adventure experience or what’s available – we’ve got all your quad riding in Dubai questions addressed here.

Quad Biking in Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

There are lots of things you’re going to enjoy in Dubai during Quad biking. Our top selections include the following:

  • Within the approved driving area, you get to zoom recklessly across the desert, take any path you desire, and just have an incredible time? These tough four-wheelers are a great way to get off the beaten path and away from throngs of people.
  • Quad riding in Dubai is one of the most enjoyable and family-friendly activities available.
  • When purchasing your tickets with Head out, you may choose between a quad biking and desert safari combo, which combines the best of Dubai’s desert with a convenient package.
  • If you like driving or participating in motorsports, quad biking is a perfect fit for you. The euphoria of desert riding is difficult to match up to!

Most Popular Adventure Sports Activities in Dubai

While quad riding is a feature of the Dubai tour, it’s best to arrive prepared before selecting. Here’s a brief overview of all you can do in the desert:

1. Quad Biking: The Quad Bike is an all-terrain vehicle also known as ATV. A quad bike comes with a seat on which the user can straddle for enjoyment. It has handlebars as steering control and it travels on low-pressure tires. Quad biking is riding the vehicle at varying speeds through various terrains, notably the Dubai desert.

2. Sand Boarding: As the name implies, sandboarding is similar to snowboarding but with sand instead of snow. Although this recreational activity did occur on dunes rather than snow-covered mountains, it provides the same memorable pleasure as snowboarding.

3. Dune Bashing: Simply defined, dune bashing is an off-roading activity on sand dunes. Consider it a desert roller coaster! Your driver speeds over the sandy landscape of a desert in a large vehicle (often a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Ford Bronco). Ideal for adventure addicts.

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Hiring Quad Biking in Dubai

Yes, you can hire a quad bike in Dubai. You may go to any quad bike rental business in the city, choose your bike, which comes in various sizes and engine capacities, pay a refundable deposit, and ride to any public area.

While renting a quad bike may sound appealing, it is not the most fantastic decision, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city. To get lost is as simple as breathing, and you won’t have the opportunity to explore the greatest quad bike terrain as a quad biking trip would. Additionally, there is the danger of damaging the car and forfeiting the security deposit.

That is not to suggest that renting a quad bike is the worst thing you could do. Rental is an excellent choice for those familiar with the terrain and comfortable riding a quad bike.

Age Limitation

Due to safety and security concerns, kids are not allowed to enjoy solo quad biking in Dubai. The kids over 14 can, however, take and enjoy this ride alone. These kids are provided with proper security measures to ensure security and reduce the chances of accidents.

Parents are allowed to bring their infants below 3 years of age with them, but at their own responsibility only. 

Parents and guardians are required to carry the infants on their laps, or reserve separate seats for them. The separate seats reserved will be charged individually.

Proper Instructions and Guidance Required for Quad Biking in Dubai

Prior to riding the bike, participants get adequate supervision and instructions. Ensure that you adhere to them appropriately. Failure to do so may end in an accident.

Sign an indemnity

Before hopping on your bike, you will be asked to sign an indemnification. This is a required step. This agreement says that the company or vendor is not liable if a rider sustains personal harm during the course of their journey. As a result, it is critical to ride cautiously.


Summer Clothing is advised due to the environment being warmer most of the year. Jackets or jumpers, on the other hand, maybe worn throughout the winter season. Especially in the evening. It is suggested to bring along sun protection items such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Budget and packages

As mentioned above, not all desert safari deals and packages include quad biking. You would have to pay an additional fee for it. As a result, it is critical to examine your budget before making a reservation. If you intend to do this activity along with your family, consider the number of people. Additionally, some companies offer group discounts. Thus, it is advisable to research and compare shopping on the packages given by desert safari operators before making bookings.


Helmets are required for any type of driving, including quad biking. It’s important to know that quad biking on the sands of Dubai on these treacherous sand dunes has a high risk of falling. In this instance, having a helmet can be beneficial. You may choose between a full-face helmet, an open-face helmet, and a Motocross helmet as per your preferences.

Appropriate Time

As previously said, Dubai’s temperatures tend to be on the warm side. However, it decreases significantly throughout the winter. Quad biking is an outdoor activity, making it a little more difficult to enjoy during the summer season. This is why it is advised to make use of it throughout the winter months. The weather will be pleasant. As a result, you may speed around the desert without fear of heat stroke or sunburn.

How to Choose the Best Dessert Quad Biking?

Are you confused about how to choose the most pleasing quad biking experience? We have some suggestions you’ll thank us for later:

  1. Be Aware of Your Budget

If you’re on vacation and tight on a budget, each activity you participate in might make an enormous difference. Avoid overpaying and look for combos to save time and money by seeing numerous attractions concurrently. Consider Head out’s Desert Safari with Quad Biking package. You can enjoy all of the desert delights of Dubai, including camel rides, quad biking, dune bashing, and a classic Dubai dinner.

  • With Whom Are You Traveling?

Another consideration before deciding for a quad bike adventure is the companionship of your other tourists. Quad biking can be dangerous for children under the age of three, thus not recommended for them. If you’re visiting Dubai with your parents who are elderly or weak, quad riding is probably not the best option. On the other hand, if you’re traveling with friends or children above the age of 3, this activity is ideal.

  • Time-Related Issues

Are you short on time and only have time for a few activities? We recommend solo experiences over combinations. This enables you to participate in an activity that you genuinely desire. You may also choose shorter-duration activities, such as the Morning Quad Bike Safari, which provides adventurous quad bike rides for 15 minutes.

  • Weather

While Dubai is always hot, the winter months are significantly cooler than the high summer months. Due to the nature of quad riding, we recommend scheduling your trip during the winter months to avoid the scorching heat and have a pleasant quad bike ride.

Final Thoughts

Quad riding, in general, is one of the fascinating parts of a Dubai desert safari. This activity, by itself, has the potential to enhance the overall experience. Therefore, the next time you arrange a trip to Dubai, ensure that quad riding is included in your itinerary. While the trip is generally safe, incidents sometimes occur. As a result, adhere to all safety instructions. A single error may prove catastrophic for you and your fellow cyclists. Additionally, it will risk the remainder of your trip. Therefore, drive cautiously and get the most of your desert safari adventure.