7 Best bikes in India to hit the road this summer

The hollowness of modern life will pull you into the darkness and get you trapped into the vicious cycle of unending health issues. You don’t let this happen with you, right? So, get going, buddy! Travel, experience new things in life, embrace fitness, and lead an active life.

Make Avon bicycle your fitness companion this summer, get on the move, and start exploring the beauties of India on a hybrid cycle from the house of Avon bicycle, perfect for Indian roads. 

Bicycles are eco-friendly transit options so, by using an Avon bicycle, you will ensure zero carbon footprint, less depletion of non-renewable sources of energy, more convenience, and of course, good health. Avon bicycle is the manufacturer of hybrid cycles suitable for urban areas because people nowadays are increasingly using bicycles to cover faraway distances. 

Okay, let us get to the point. We will cover the 7 best bikes in India that also happen to be the most suitable options for traveling this summer. 

  • Hero Traveller 700C – Hero Cycles is a brand of national repute. They are known to manufacture hybrid bicycle to ensure safe and comfortable rides. This one is a moderately priced bicycle that will suit your taste and requirements pretty well. You will get a wide range of colour options along with extraordinary features. You can use it to travel in the labyrinth of old city lanes, gullies, thoroughfares, and more. 
  • SPIRIT 26T / 27.5T – Are you a serious traveller? Are you fond of covering long distances on your hybrid bicycle? Try this Avon bicycle because it is perfect for hilly and rough terrains. The front and rear vee brakes make it a safe choice for people who love extensive travelling. Furthermore, the suspension is threadless; there is a 24 speed Shimano with an alloy frame, you can blindly rely on its durability. For a carefree summer trip, this Avon bicycle is just the thing you need. 
  • Dual Sport 1 by Trek – You are reading about perhaps the best hybrid bicycle right now in India, perfect for long journeys. You can cover light off-road trails with ease on this hybrid bicycle. The lightweight frame, sturdy suspension fork, and tyres perfect for all sorts of terrains make this hybrid bicycle the correct option for long & smooth rides. Two colours are available in this category: red and black.  
  • Montra Downtown – This feature-packed hybrid bicycle is a love of bicycle riders. If you want stability, comfort, convenience, and fun, then this bike is perfect for you. The Shimano shifters and brake levers fortify the overall safety that this hybrid bicycle provides. The tyres are XMR, 700x35c (ETRO 37-622), made of nylon with rigid beads to ensure a firm grip on rugged terrains. Buy this one using the convenient Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and get mind-blowing offers, exciting prices, EMI schemes, and much more. 
  • Schwinn Super Sport Small – This one is an all-rounder hybrid bicycle. It will serve your purpose of staying fit and hitting the road this summer both at the same time. The Schwinn N Litened 3 triple-butted alloy frame and rigid steel fork make this bike glide swiftly on Indian roads and rough terrains. The overall design and posh style of this hybrid bicycle are magnetic concerning grabbing attention. 
  • Montra Timba – Riding this hybrid bicycle is a sheer pleasure because you will have complete control. You can thank its robust, powerful Sypo YD-V08 V-Brake later. The DSI SRI-114, rigid bead, 700x35c (ETRO 37-622) tyres make travelling a safe affair even when it rains heavily, making the terrain slippery. The saddle made of high-density foam is comfortable for long-distance travelling.  
  • Scott Sub Sport 10 – For sporty trekking trips, you have the Scott Sub Sport 10, a hybrid bicycle with excellent features. The bike comes with Shimano 30 speed transmission, a tailor-made rack time carrier, and is compatible with Snap’it accessories. If you are craving to travel, get this bike today. It will take the edge off all your hankerings to travel to the faraway lands.  

It is summertime, time to greet safe traveling on Avon bicycle. Take out your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, get a hybrid bicycle of your choice, and hit the rustic roads of India. Begin your soul-searching journey, mate! 

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