Practicing Honesty in School Life

Honesty means to tell the truth and it is not an easy task to tell the truth. Students have to deal with a lot of good and bad situations where they see that it is not an easy task for them to speak the truth. Sometimes being selfish and sometimes being compelled they tell a lie. But students should never tell a lie and they should be honest their whole life because honesty is the best policy due to which one can attain honour and respect in the society. Honesty is the most important trait in the academic life of a student. In school everything goes well when students and tutors have a good relationship and this relationship flourished only when students show honesty to the tutors. School LMS which is also known as a  school learning management system also supports such traits in the students in their academic life so that they can succeed in their not only academic life but also in their professional life further. In the practical world employers also hire only those candidates for the jobs who have a reputation of being honest always in the market. The one who doesn’t practice honesty in his or her life has to suffer whole life. Students should learn to practice honesty in the class in order to be the best student in the class. Let’s make this clear how the students can practice honesty in school life.

There are several events when students do not show honesty and opt for illegal methods to get the job done which is very wrong for them in the present and for the future also. Students should be truthful to their peers, family and parents also. They need to accept when they are wrong along with what wrong they have done and should bear the consequences also for each and every small and big thing they did. It is so because it is a matter of strength to tell the truth and accept one’s fault. Some stubborn students never accept their faults but this habit will make them suffer in future and honest students always apologise if anything happened wrong knowingly or unknowingly. Usually, students can be found cheating in the exams or with friends which they should not do. Cheating is something very dishonest. Sometimes it is possible for a student to tell a lie and escape but an honest person will never tell a lie. School LMS or we can say school learning management system many a time take test also of the honesty of the students where they are said to not to touch some edibles until the tutor arrives and the good thing is usually maximum students pass the test but those who don’t they are told politely by the tutor to never be dishonest in future.

Sometimes honesty is just not limited to speaking the truth but it means to speak up when no one dares to speak. Honesty means to speak against wrong and especially there where it is necessary and no one dares to speak for example, there may be some bullies in the class who always exploit the weak students and no one dares to speak against the bully but an honest student musters the courage to speak against the bully and report to the authorities. Students need to learn how to speak honestly in front of people. Students should be honest in their relationships also and should not perform flattery at any cost. They need to tell others honestly what they feel about them instead of telling them. When students are given any assignment or project then they should not use plagiarism for getting their assignment completed they should show honesty and put their efforts in accomplishing the project and assignment. Some students never share their true emotions with other people. This is a kind of betrayal which they should never do because this decreases the reputation among people so students need to stay honest with others also with true emotions and expressions.

Whenever they find something which doesn’t belong to them, they should never keep it with them instead they need to find out the owner of the commodity and hand it over to them. This honesty spreads among people like the fragrance of any flower therefore students should spread this fragrance as much as possible.