Marketing Tools 2021: Top 9 Free Email Marketing Tools to Help Businesses

Are you looking for a free email marketing tool to help your business grow? Email marketing is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, promote your services and products, and keep in touch with your customers. 

Here are the top 9 free email marketing tools for 2021.

1. ExpressPigeon 

ExpressPigeon is an email marketing tool that offers email compatibility, personalized, targeted messages, and an intuitive email editor. For creating a template, the service provides pre-designed templates. Users can also design their templates without knowing any coding skills. Further, they can use automation features to segment or schedule email replies to their subscriber list, among other advantages of automation features. ExpressPigeon also has a double opt-in that lets you confirm the subscription of contacts who opt-in to your emails by giving their consent. You can integrate this email marketing tool with Google Analytics, Facebook, Eventbrite, and Google Maps.

2. Campayn 

Campayn is an email marketing solution platform that offers a variety of email templates to help users design beautiful emails with a white glove approach. While B2B sales strategies may deliver realistic solutions, B2C is focused primarily on the personal sentiments of their customers. Its dashboard is easy to navigate and understand. The platform’s email editing tool doesn’t need HTML knowledge and is intuitive to use. Campayn’s automated workflows allow you to send personalized and timely emails to your subscribers, using a segmentation targeting and positioning model, to reach customers effectively. The email marketing tool also has a “Add to Calendar” feature that helps your subscribers track dates for your upcoming promotions and sales. Campayn’s customizable sign-up forms let users create a list of loyal customers. 

3. Sendinblue 

This email marketing tool is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers a free plan that allows users to send up to 300 emails every day. Its drag-and-drop email editor makes it easy to create professional-looking emails and provides more options to personalize your email. You can also use the marketing communication platform to send autoresponder and SMS messages. Besides emailing, Sendinblue offers social media marketing tools to reach new audiences and re-target old customers and has a live chat option to interact with site visitors in real-time to help increase sales.

4. Sender

Sender is an email marketing tool designed for entrepreneurs, medium businesses, small businesses, and more. It allows you to create branded and professional emails with no HTML knowledge. In addition, you can personalize your newsletters with content elements, such as videos, images, and texts in no time.

This tool offers a variety of tools to help build your subscriber list. For example, you can create pop-up sign-up forms and embed them on your site to get more email subscribers. Use this tool to insert custom fields to gather precise information about your audiences, practicing market segmentation to create subsets based on location, interests, online behavior, etc. 

5. MoonMail 

MoonMail is an email marketing software ideal for developers, designers, and marketing agencies. With MoonMail, you can create stunning email campaigns quickly and effectively. ‘What is good customer service,’ you ask? Using this email marketing tool, marketers can spontaneously send on-demand messages to a particular customer on their web pages. It also allows you to track who opened and clicked on your emails. Further, the MoonMail Dashboard lets users understand their email campaigns’ results better. The best feature about the dashboard is that it is multilingual so that people from different nations can understand it without difficulty. 

6. Mailchimp 

Mailchimp is a browser-based application that helps businesses leverage emails to develop relationships with their clients and build their business. This all-in-one, integrated email marketing tool allows you to track the results of your email marketing campaign, manage your subscribers, and email an unlimited number of people simultaneously. Mailchimp offers a drag-and-drop email builder that is intuitive to use and has pre-designed email templates suited for any business. Other features of Mailchimp are SMS for events, mobile sign-up forms, email client testing, social sharing, and A/B Testing. To make the most out of the emails companies send, it’s essential to integrate an email test management tool to check the technical aspects such as code, rendering, preview, HTML validity, etc. This email marketing service is an excellent option for new and seasoned email marketers. 

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is an online marketing platform built for salespeople and marketers. HubSpot’s visual editor has a variety of templates with high personalization that makes it easy to design professional emails. And the best part is Hubspot tools are 100% free and easy to use, making it ideal for people looking for free CRM services or businesses looking for a CRM system that can be learned quickly. Other features of Hubspot include live chat, video marketing, segmentation, analytics, landing page, email sequences, and marketing automation. 

8. EngageBay 

This email marketing tool has a drag-and-drop email builder that allows users to design emails the way they want, with customized videos, images, fonts, and social media buttons. EngageBay has customization features that let users enter a client’s email address and first and last name for personalized content. Using 3rd party tools for different projects can be challenging for big projects and large enterprises, thus a project management software does the job of staying organized and managing different tasks under the same roof, that helps marketers execute them more efficiently and seamlessly. 

9. Convertkit 

Convertkit is a full-featured email marketing platform that helps you sell services and products over email. It offers various features to expand your business and connect with your audience. For example, its landing page builder enables you to create captivating and compelling landing pages without you needing to code. With ConvertKit Commerce, users can sell their digital services and products online without requiring a website. This email marketing tool is designed for course creators, writers, bloggers, and more.

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Email marketing is a great way to engage with potential clients and become loyal customers. The email marketing tools discussed above empower you to grow your business fast and let you stay connected to your customers.