Project Management Software Monday vs BigTime Software – How to Make the Decision?

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Project management has several different moving parts involved which makes it a challenge for managers. They struggle to find a way to bring the team around and help them remain focused. The only way to deal with communication gaps missed deadlines, and changing industry conditions is by choosing robust software. There are many solutions available on the market and prospective buyers need to do their research in order to make the right decision. This comparison of project management software Monday vs BigTime software can help users determine whether or not the software fulfills their criteria. 

It shows which platform has the most powerful and customizable features available to users at reasonable pricing plans. 

Project Management Software Monday vs BigTime Software – Features

Ease of Use

It is important to find software that is not only user-friendly but has a straightforward user interface. Monday software has almost no learning curve and new users can instantly begin using the software in no time. It is easy for beginners to set up their accounts and they do not need to be technically proficient. Some companies do not have the time or money to train their employees on new software which is why they consider ease of use to be a very important factor. Companies should focus on finding an interface that plays on their strengths instead of going for an advanced system. 

Task Management

The project comprises several tasks which is why teams need access to a tool that can help maintain a high-efficiency level for all of them. In the comparison of project management software Monday vs Bigtime software, it is important to note that ensures all deadlines and pending items are visible on a single platform. They can deliver every requirement on time and maintain the highest output quality too. The built-in task management module helps managers create, track, and assign work according to the priority level. 

Project management software makes it easier to streamline workflows because users have greater control over the outcome. The entire process involves more than just building a to-do list and they can make sure the workload is divided equally amongst the available team members.


Collaboration is one of the pillars of project management and the software must be able to facilitate multi-functional coordination between different companies and departments. The objective is always to facilitate team members and help them stay up-to-date on all developments. The bigTime demo makes sure all team members, clients, and stakeholders are on the same page through every stage of the project. 

With easy collaboration, teams are able to reach a quicker resolution to issues and make informed decisions regarding all matters related to the success of the project.

Time Tracking

You should not buy a project management software that does not have time tracking capabilities. Monday software helps users monitor the activities of every employee and get a breakdown of how much time they have spent on every task. This makes client billing easier and eliminates any activities that might waste the team’s time. The timesheet can be used by the payroll, accounting, and finance departments to generate accurate invoices.

It can also be used to track the performance of any employee since it displays their data for multiple projects. The quick overview option has all the data spread across several tasks and displays all the information in one single view. 


The ability to customize software is desirable to all users and the situation is not different when it comes to project management solutions. The users have the ability to configure the settings according to their organization and its needs. A comparison of project management software Monday vs BigTime software shows that gives users a higher degree of customization. It is a versatile platform and can adapt to different types of situations. Many professionals who use its templates report that they have been designed according to specific working styles.

Users can access the files from different locations whether they are in the office or out on the road. The mobile application has several features and the dashboard can be personalized according to the tasks and their progress. There are also multiple views such as board, list, and task to simplify project management. 


Project management software should ideally be able to scale up to support an expanding business. Those who are buying software should choose an option that will serve them in the long run. Software with limited features will not be able to handle the more complex work requirements of a larger company. When comparing the scalability of project management software Monday vs BigTime software it is evident that both solutions are capable of scaling up or down depending on the organization and its structure. 

Project Lifecycle Support

Larger projects are bound to encounter problems and are prone to risks because there are several moving parts involved. They need support for resource allocation, budget management, and changing client requests. The bigTime demo is responsible for more than just scheduling tasks, and tracking time. It can help projects progress through every stage of the life cycle. 

Constant Updates

Businesses are slowly shifting towards paperless systems and online processes. The team members should receive instant notifications any time there is a change in schedule. Project managers want quick updates on all progress right on their dashboard. BigTime provides a summary of all ongoing tasks and generates quick reports for different audiences. It informs the team whenever they encounter an issue and can be used to arrange emergency meetings to deal with a crisis.

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The project management software Monday vs BigTime software debate can go on forever but it is important to end on a positive note. Both platforms are reliable and can help teams deal with the challenges experienced during the course of the project. They can get quick updates on all activities and remain in contact with the concerned persons. The updates are sent through email notifications and users do not have to miss anything.