Know Your Patient – An Ultimate Solution To Verify ID Online

As the current state of the pandemic is getting serious, the healthcare sector is striving to provide patients with advanced telehealth services Ultimate Solution. Shifting from offline to online work operations was not a piece of cake for businesses. They required an efficient way to verify ID online to mitigate fraud threats associated. Talking about the healthcare sector, hospitals, and other related medical staff included is using “verify ID online” services to provide their patients with the best possible health services.

Telemedicine services are the need of the hour since the onset of the pandemic. Along with this factor, healthcare adopted automated ways because they do not want to stay outdated in terms of providing modern health facilities.

Verify ID Online – Identifying Patients Digitally to Reduce Medical Frauds

Long story short, they have very high expectations. Businesses sometimes find it difficult to meet the high expectations of their customers. But nonetheless, they are trying to make efficient service a part of their process, because, in the end, the ultimate goal of every business is “customer service” along with generating big revenue of course.

Verifying ID online is crucial for the healthcare sector. Verify ID online id used to maintain health records, safeguards patients’ data, and reduce identity frauds.

Know Your Patient (KYP)

Just like knowing your customer for any know your business entity, know your patient is an act that is employed by the healthcare sector to verify the identity of their patients.

Issues Related To Data Security In Healthcare

Medical information is as precious as oil. Once stolen, cybercriminals can sell it at high prices on the dark web. Even credit card information does not compete for the importance of medical identity information of patients.

Not only hospitals and patients, but medical identity data can also put other relevant medical bodies like pharmaceuticals, health care providers, and insurance companies at risk. Verifying ID online alone can protect all of them.

Imagine some cybercriminal has stolen the identity information of a patient and corrupted the online medical record. Now, for instance, say the molded records say the patient has consumed alcohol. Whenever that particular patient will visit the hospital next or consult their physician digitally, the doctor will treat them according to their medical history. This can put patients’ health at severe risk.

Another threat of data breach directly hits the pocket of the patient. In this scenario, the fraudster steals the medical data of the patient and takes an appointment from the doctor. After a month or so, when the genuine patient receives the billing statement, it gives them a monetary blow.

How Does Verify ID Online work?

It is obvious that telehealth services need an effective verification measure to guard patients’ data and to provide them with the best medical treatments.

On the basis of government-issued ID documents like ID cards, driving licenses, and passports patients are verified.

Along with document Id verification, to make the verification process more seamless and to reduce fraud, the healthcare sector uses facial recognition. Live detection checks and 3D depth perception verifies that the genuine person came for onboarding. Verify ID online is a simple straightforward process saving time for customers and patients.

Benefits Of Telehealth Services

Telehealth medicine and service providers verify ID online that can give the following services:

1.     Instant Data Access

It is beneficial when doctors are in a hurry to know whether the person is allergic to something or not. Instant data access is hugely beneficial for emergency reasons.

2.     Maintaining Records

Record maintenance is something that is vital in the healthcare sector. Patients’ records can tell about their medical history and it becomes easy for doctors to treat them accordingly. Verify ID online helps medical professionals to sustain patients’ records.

3.     Opportunity To Conduct Research

Technology is constantly progressing. Pharmaceuticals go through the records of patients and conduct research to invent new treatment technologies to treat future patients.

The UK is a developed country. Developed countries pay a huge amount of attention to their customers’ health. Digital ID verification for pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom is rapidly evolving in order to best serve their patients.


These kinds of data breaches help fraudsters to carry out illegal activities in the name of patients’. Verify ID online is the solution to combat medical theft. The Healthcare sector being more prone to data breaches is in utmost need to protect the records of their patients.