Candle Triple Set – Light Up Your Lifestyle With Candle Lighting!

The Candle Trio set is an excellent gift, which is suitable for any occasion be it a Birthday, festive, or an auspicious gesture of good wishes. It’s unique and very much known for its lasting impression. The three heavenly scented candles enclosed in this Candle triple set gift box create an unforgettable experience for your family and luscious feelings for your relatives. Each of the candles of the Candle Triple set has its own scent and luscious flavor. The three heavenly scented candles have been blended to create a fragrance that is truly breathtaking. The aroma of these candles has a calming, pleasant, and soul-soothing effect which is really effective in relaxing the minds of everyone.

The scented candles of the Candle Oudh Triple set are available in three variants, White fragrant, Rose fragrance, and floral fragrance. They are designed to mix harmoniously and deliver you pure joy and happiness. These scented candles have been designed with so many innovations and features. They have different attractive features like reusable glass jar, reusable sterling silver tray, and various other useful variants. All these attributes have been designed by keeping in mind about the varied requirement of different people.

This triple set consists of three jars each with different lightness of fragrance. The jars are filled with wax of different varieties like white roses, white lavender, and lilies etc. the wax of different varieties can be chosen as per the occasion and requirement. The jars seal with the help of an open-top cork and are easily available from the market.

The candles of the Candle Triple set are available in different strengths. There are candles of low level of fragrance offering a refreshing effect. Other candles are those of medium strength that provides a powerful aroma. One of the important feature of this triple set is that there are candles that do not burn too hot and there are candles that offer a cool effect.

The White fragrant candles are used to freshen up the room during the daytime. The other variant is the Rose fragrance candles which energize the atmosphere. The last variant is the Floral fragrance which helps to relax the mind. The Candle triple set comes with candle holders that are adjustable. This enables you to light up more candles if you like or decrease the amount of light emitted by the candles. You can also choose triple burner variants for your triple set so that you do not need to buy three different sets of candles.

The candle container can have several uses and here we will discuss some of the uses that they are known for. The containers are made of several types of materials including glass, plastic, terracotta, ceramic etc. Some of the containers are colored so that you can match them with the color of the candles. However, if you wish to light the candles and freshen up the room then you can use glass or terracotta containers. In some occasions, people prefer to use the glass containers as they are easy to clean.

You can even use the soap holders in the triple set. You will find them in varying sizes and designs. The designs are vibrant and will give you the chance to make a unique design of your own. The soap holders also have lids that are designed in such a way so that your hands do not get stained. The bowls of the triple set can have cutouts or you can choose to use the soap bowl without the cutout.

The triple burner set is very easy to light as you can easily adjust the flame of the candles. When you want to add more scents to the candle, all you need to do is to turn up the flame. This will allow you to mix more of the fragrance oil with the wax. The candles that are made of soy will burn for a longer time when they are made in this manner. As compared to regular candles, soy candles have been found to be less harmful to your health.