Increase Your Coffee Sales With Simple Changes To Your Store

There aren’t many businesses that wouldn’t benefit from a little additional foot traffic and turnover. However, as the high street becomes increasingly competitive for independent eateries and coffee shops, increasing your numbers becomes a struggle. You’ll need to step up your game.

So, who are your rivals? It’s a given that at least one of the big four coffee chains will be close. Perhaps you have other small businesses that provide a similar service. But don’t be discouraged — whether we like it or not, our high streets are becoming more service and experience-oriented, which means there’s a demand for somewhere to sit and something nice to eat.

There are many things you can do to improve the appearance of your coffee business. To improve the appearance of the counter, you may do a few simple and inexpensive things, such as utilizing a wooden coffee stirrers NZ.

We’ve put up a quick list to get you thinking about new ways to expand your coffee sales:

  • Take a look at your prices. Is it a competitive market? Perhaps you’re underpricing, sending the wrong message about the quality of your coffee and other offerings.
  • Create a loyalty card program. Simple matt-finish business cards with stamping boxes are reasonably priced. Of course, giving away free drinks or food reduces your profit margin a little, but will the additional business make up for it? To avoid cheats, invest in a custom-made ink stamp or a hole-punch with a unique shape.
  • Participate in social media. A truly successful social media plan will almost certainly necessitate expert assistance, but there’s a lot you can do on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to encourage customers to become aware of your company.
  • The venerable A-board. It’s best to use with the guidance of a professional artist. Place it somewhere noticeable but not in the way that it will hinder passers-by.
  • Organize a competition, especially if you can get local media to cover it.
  • Request marketing materials from your vendors. If you’re supplied by big-name manufacturers, you could be able to get a variety of selections for a low price or even for free.
  • Takeaway cups with your company’s logo on them are a good idea. There’s a higher price tag, but you’re getting free walking advertisement.
  • Take a look at your design. Which portions of the restaurant are the most popular with clients, and which are the least popular? Determine why, and a reorganization may entice more individuals to stay.
  • Take a look at your furnishings. Is it a pleasant experience? You don’t want someone nursing a single Americano for three hours, but customers won’t return if your seats are too stiff.
  • Refresh the appearance. It may be argued that the vintage and industrial aesthetics have become too mainstream, and that a new trend is on the horizon… However, unless you’ve already discovered the next big thing, some modifications may be beneficial. Look for top-ten rankings in your business online and get ideas from design and decorating magazines. You’ll find a plethora of images to stimulate your imagination.
  • Re-evaluate your brand. Tired? Dated? Where you previously blended into the backdrop, a new logo and colors may draw notice. If you’re thinking about renovating your home, now is the time to do it.

However, keep your budget in mind. Also, consider the process logically — many of these ideas are interconnected. It’s pointless to print loyalty cards today if you’re going to rebuild your branding in three months, and a competition could be just the thing to draw attention to your business soon after you’ve changed the layout or refurbished it.

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