HTML – Different Aspects Of This Markup Language

HTML is regarded as an ideal markup language responsible for the content’s structure. It comes up with an element series useful to wrap and enclose the content’s different parts so that it could be shown up in a specific manner. The enclosed tags are responsible for italicizing words, creating bigger/smaller fonts, and so on. 

To get a lovely look of the website changing the color pattern of a specific area, you may require to know how to change background color of a frame in html. Changing color enhances the look of the entire structure. HTML helps to build up a lovely structure of a website. It is a basic building of a website and web application. HTML is being used on every website existing on the internet currently. 

Significance Of HTML

The motto of HTML is designing web pages following a markup language. It is an ideal amalgamation of Hypertext and Markup language. Hypertext is responsible for explaining the link between the web pages.

  • The motto of markup language is defining all about the text document within the tag responsible for defining the web pages’ structure. Going with this language means making notes so that the computer can easily understand it in a better way.
  • Yes, indeed, markup languages can easily be read by a human.  Tags are used to explain what manipulation can be done following the text. 
  • The browser uses this markup language so that text, content, and images could be manipulated accordingly. Then, it shows up on the screen accordingly. Tim Berners-Lee created this language in 1991. Do you know the first version of HTML? It was HTML 1.o and HTML 2.o was called the standard version that came out in 1990. 

Elements And Tags

HTML goes with predefined tags as well as elements indicating to the browser how they can ideally show the content. Closing tags are important. If it is not done then it will show as an opening tag till the page’s end. Are you contemplating how to create a blank HTML page? You need to go with basic HTML Tags like HTML HEAD, Title, and Body.

Excellent Features OF HTML

Most candidates do want to know why they should learn it. One of the most important things is that it is regarded as a simple markup language. It can easily be implemented. The reason to use HTML is to create a web portal. It also plays a major role to develop fundamentals in respect of web programming. It can also lead to a professional career.

  • It is quite easy to learn as well as use. 
  • Moreover, it is called an independent platform.
  • Whether it is about the audio, videos, and images, all these can be added to a web portal. 
  • Hypertext can easily be added to the text. 
  • It is a markup language. 

Talking about the advantages of HTML, it is quite useful in the context of building websites. All browsers do support HTML. The best thing is that it can easily be integrated with different languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and so on. 

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Well, there are some disadvantages of HTML as well. You can only go with static web pages. If you want to create dynamic web pages then HTML would not work but other languages would be required. Another disadvantage of HTML is that you would need to write a lot of code even if you want to create a simple web page. Apart from it, security features are not quite powerful.


Learning HTML can lead to excellent career opportunities. You may learn it online or offline accordingly since there are a variety of courses available in the market. But firstly, you must be passionate about it so that you can enjoy learning it.