Don’t You Believe That Racism Can Take The Lives of Innocent Black Americans?

The power of hatred and odium has conquered American’s minds and hearts. People bear a variety of sources to showcase this practice of discrimination. The experience of inequality based on the color of the skin is not new. It still flourishes among every White soul that lives in America. Racism acquires all sense of wisdom on human living in the country, where Black America stay in fear of being a victim and White has a superior complex over them.

Nowhere it is written that this malpractice is legal and ethical. Yet this inhuman behavior by ordinary humans has a strong foundation in the world and also in the country where we believe in law and order rules. But this is not the case, people who are involved in racism are free to harass anyone they like just on the ground of skin color. Names like Darky, Nigga, Negro, Black, etc are few vindictive ones that Black Americans are associated with.

Attempts were made by human rights to eradicate these merciless encounters but to demolish the base needs more rigorous effects. Change in an individual’s mindset and heart is pivotal to kill this brutal exercise of American society.

Noticed un-imaginary impacts and effects of unequal treatment, facts that give you horrific nightmares.

  • Killings

According to the past 10 years, millions of blacks are killed by law-keepers and policemen just based on racial discrimination perception. American police don’t allow smooth functioning of protest rallies also adds the level of abhorrence within them for black people. Not only laws force is indulged in killings but victims of racist activities surrender their lives in front of those who annoy them. Often, sufferer takes their life or lead a suppressive lifestyle.

  • Mental disorder

One of the key influences of racial discrimination is on mental health. Imagine you are humiliated in front of countless fellows; you are bullied in a class by your teacher who happens to be white. You can figure out what to do when you face criticism at school just because you are dark or have Black parents. It is sheer mental torture that an individual encounters during school. Later, these attempts of bullying turn into mental imbalance as a poor kid can’t disclose racial activities to anyone in fear of facing it again.

  • Isolation

Few sufferers believe that the resolution of this social issue called racism is isolation and quarantine. A victim doesn’t be an active part of any community and likes to cut off all the end of communication with anyone, even those who are near to them. Such cold-hearted impact has on fatalities although convicts are permitted to roam around to spread the message of non-equality.  

  • Lack of development and growth

No strong chances of growth in terms of employment and career are allied with the victim of racial discrimination. They have to undergo it every day as they don’t dare to raise their voice or vent out. But the audacity of those who go such annoyance raise their bar of inequal misbehavior. Blacks can’t expect a handsome raise besides being efficient and competent in their job.

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Events of racism are like a vicious circle that is a chain of activities rampant across society with never-ending limits. Malice is beyond description and has no solace for victims. Those who witness this brutality for no valid cause also remain silent spectators. In other words, racism is such a perilous worm of antagonism that is ruining the entire aura of the human race. The existence of human conversation and interaction among each other is being the curse of this social issue.

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