How to renew the PMP certification?

 The PMP certification will always provide the people with several kinds of advantages and will keep the people ahead in their career. Unfortunately, the certification does not last forever and people need to renew it after every three years to avail all the amazing benefits associated with it.

 Hence, the following is the comprehensive process that the people need to follow to renew their PMP training in Hyderabad:

  1. When the three years have been lapsed people need to renew the certification or otherwise the status of the certification will be changed to be suspended. The status can remain suspended for up to 1 year and then the people won’t be liable to display the designation acronym after their professional name and title.
  2. If the people let one year suspension period lapse as well then the status will be changed to expire and whenever this will happen even 3000 counts of PDU will no more matter. The people need to start all over again, reapply for the certification and review the guide again and then pay the fees and then appear for the exam.
  3. The people need to have a clear-cut idea about the status of PMP certification and PDU so that there is a higher level of alignment in the whole process and there is no issue.
  4. To be eligible for the PMP certification renewal people need to have 60 PDU and for this purpose 35 PDU have to be claimed for education for this particular category. People need to allocate at least 8 PDU for every component of the triangle which includes technical project management, leadership and strategic and business management.
  5. People also need to update their progress on the CCRS by submitting all the claim for validation and this purpose people have to submit renewal fees of US$60 for PMI members and one US$50 for non-members.
  6. Once the PMP certification has been renewed people will be eligible to continue this prestigious position and in-demand credentials for another three years which will mean that people can efficiently display the words PMP after the name of the business card so that they can promote themselves as a certified product management professional to the employers and clients.
  7. It is highly advisable for the people to be sure to start early in terms of building PDU again for the next cycle because the identical learning modules, reading materials and activities which the people have already claimed in the prior cycle will not be considered for the next time in the renewal process. So, the people need to ensure that they are going with the most leading provider for a wide variety of courses and business topics to choose from.

 Hence, having a PMP certification is a matter of pride for the people but people need to pay proper attention to the renewal of PMP training in India through the right kind of organizations so that they can avail several kinds of advantages in the long run and they should be considered as a matter of priority.