Quick and Useful Summer Camp Packing Hacks

Packing for summer camp can be quite a hassle, whether it is your child’s first time or not, bugging questions of what is essential and what can be left behind, how to manage space, and others always creep in. If you are after making the summer camp experience unforgettable for your child, you could make do with some of the following quick and frankly quite useful summer camp packing hacks. 

Kids Tents Camping

If the summer camp is the type that involves kids’ tents camping, then the good news is that packing for such kinds of camping activities shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Of course, you will need to pack the necessary things to make the entire experience wholesome for your kid. With the few hacks below, your kids’ tents camping will be a success. 

  • Make a list of items 

Some summer camps come with a list of items that your child needs for the summer, while others don’t. Either way, having a checklist to guide you on what is essentially necessary goes a long way. The list should contain basic toiletry items, clothing for the entire summer camp alongside extra clothing, a first aid kit, and an outdoor survival kit. 

Don’t forget to print a list of the items packed and hand them to your kids so they know what they have with them at camp and keep tabs, and this also makes repacking when it’s time to head back home easy. 

  • Pack compact 

One of the summer camp packing headaches is getting everything necessary inside the duffel bag or mini box. This leads to questions like how to roll a sleeping bag and make the bag look compact. Take note of the following:

  • Roll clothing to make room for more things – you could roll socks inside shoes to make more room.
  • Put all items in ziplock bags to save space – pack the daily clothes, snacks, mini first aid kit into zip lock bags to keep them safe and clean, and also to save space, of course. 
  • Pack toiletries in a shower caddy for easy access for your kid and to keep the packing compact. Shower caddies are easy to carry also and helps your kid stay organized.
  • Label Everything 

You would be surprised how easy it is for kids to lose stuff, especially when having fun. To save your kid the stress of doing an ultimate search of personal items when it’s time to head back home, endeavor to label everything they take along with them with their names. Towels, socks, water bottles, etc., should all be labeled for easy recognition. 

  • Pack a Clip-on Fan

Hot weather forecast for the summer? No problem, you can help your kid stay cool and fresh by packing a small clip-on fan that your kid can fix to the bed and use at any time. It’s preferable to get the ones with long cords so they can easily reach a power source outlet. You can check out the different options of clip-on fans with campingspark.com

  • Pack their pillow

If you want your child to have a comfortable summertime, packing their pillow can help ease new environment anxiety. With the homely comfort and smell, your child would have blissful and restful nights. 

  • Add a foldable tote bag 

While in camp, your kid would still need to carry a few things around camp, like a water bottle, a storybook, sunscreen, a sweater, and other things. To make it easy for your kid, you can add a sizeable yet foldable tote bag that would fit easily into the duffel bag and would be big enough to hold all these smaller items. 


When packing for summer camps, one important thing you need to know is that you can never pack everything, but you can pack the essential things. With the quick summer camp packing hacks above, you can get the essentials ready for the endless summer camp fun without worries.