How to promote an event on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media platform among gen-z. It is used by more than 1.3 billion people. For event creators targeting young audiences, it is very essential to have an Instagram presence.

Here are some ways for event promotion on Instagram.

  1. Regular Posts & Stories:

Whenever there is an upcoming event or a workshop, keep posting about it on the feed and stories in different forms. Some forms that you can try for the same are –

  • Posters
  • GIFs
  • Past event pictures & Videos
  • Ticketing offers
  • Behind the scenes of preparation
  • Word from organizers
  • Customer reviews of previous events
  • About sponsors and partners
  • Memes

Regular posting about your event in different types of content will engage your audience to your event maximum. 

After posting different types of content, you need to analyze which content is getting the most engagement. You need to serve what your audience will love. You can check the most liked post and then increase the frequency of that kind of content.

  1. Branding is important:

Your brand is connected with certain elements such as colors, logo, shapes & tone of language. It is really important that you create your Instagram content according to your brand. To enhance your brand visibility and reach a wider audience, consider utilizing the Best website to boost your Instagram.

Tip: choose your color palette and templates before directly posting content on Instagram

  1. Ask your audience:

Instagram provides a feature to do a survey between 2 options. You can try doing survey to engage your audience with your page. 

Apart from that, you can put some questions in front of your audience and ask for suggestions. Instagram will notice their engagement & it may increase your chances of being on top of their feed.

  1. Organize contests for Free tickets:

Event creators can organize viral contests on Instagram in exchange for Free tickets. You can ask your audience to share your post on stories, tag 3 friends in the comment section. This would increase post engagement and create word-of-mouth marketing.

You can gift free tickets or hampers to lucky winners.

  1. Use new features often

Instagram introduces new formats and features to engage more audiences. Keeping that in mind, the Instagram algorithm promotes those posts. 

For example, You can create an Instagram guide or use the collab feature to introduce your partners and sponsors.

  1. Photo booth at the venue

Instagrammers are always looking for a happening place to create a picture and share their experience. How about a themed photo booth with props. A creative photo booth at the event will make them click pictures and tag location or event venue. 

Nothing is better than word-of-mouth marketing.

  1. Post-event marketing

After the end of the successful event, promotion doesn’t stop. Post-event marketing may help you create the FOMO effect. FOMO among followers will definitely increase the popularity of your next event.

Ideas post-event engagement –

  • Ask attendees to post about your event and tag you back (You can incentivize this)
  • Repost all the stories and posts where you were tagged
  • Post reviews and good comments
  • Post about the experience of an artist/guest
  • Videos create maximum FOMO effect

Instagram is one of the most awesome platforms to engage audiences and build a follower base who would love to attend events again and again. It is always more important to engage the audience with the brand. Event promotion on Instagram is about engaging your community.

Don’t miss this strategy & Get ready to charge up your Instagram game!