Advantages of staying in a PG In Bangalore

Certainly, students and working professionals are always found worrying about the accommodation type when they have to migrate to a new city. Well, a person can choose any one out of three options i.e. rental flat, a hostel, or a PG. However, when we consider the factor of affordability then the one that usually surpasses other options is of staying in a PG.

 Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities. Every year, many students and young professionals move into the city in search of better opportunities. The first thing after arriving in the city they do is to find the perfect accommodation. When it comes to the most suitable option in terms of affordability, Bangalore promises to offer the best PG at a reasonable rate and basic amenities.

The following advantages explain how luxury furniture PGs are a better option compared to other types in Bangalore:


The foremost point of advantage that one cannot ignore is affordability. Pgs are cheaper as compared to another accommodation type. In PGs, the monthly rent of your stay is calculated on a per bed basis. On the other hand, in rental flats, one may be sharing his place with others and reducing the overall burden of rent. However, what if that person vacates the room and the other person has to bear the whole rent. This may suddenly push up the costs. Henceforth, PGs are an inexpensive option compared to others.


Another best point of staying in a PG is that one gets to have access to all the basic amenities. Usually, a PG in Bangalore for male provides three meals a day, access to the common area, entertainment, furniture, and maintenance staff for the daily chores. Additionally, one can also ask for customization in features according to his needs. For example- If a working professional work till late at night and barely manages to have dinner at home, then he can ask for a concession in overall rental charges.


When it comes to the factor of independence, then PGs are better than accommodation options such as a hostel. PGs do have rules, but still, they offer a certain amount of liberty to the renters. A person can feel at home by staying in a PG. It not only let the individuals stay but also teaches them basic day-to-day life. It helps the individuals in learning about how to create a perfect balance between a personal and professional life.

House maintenance help

One of the major points of advantages of staying in a PG is that the renters can have access to the house maintenance help for the daily chores. If a student or a working professional has a hectic schedule and barely manages to give his or her some time for cleaning and maintenance, then the option of staying in PG is probably the best. Such options are not available in other rental flats and the individual has to pay an extra penny for such services.

Repairs and maintenance responsibility

Unlike living in rental flats, one does not have to take responsibility for repairs and maintenance of the property. If the drainage system gets clogged or the water tank needs repair, then the renter does not have to do anything about it instead the house owner would do all his part for the repair and maintenance of the property.

Henceforth, the renter can live tension-free when it comes to factors of repairs and maintenance of the house.              


If you are somebody who likes socializing with others and wants to connect with more and more people, then staying in PG could become advantageous to you. Since a PG is a place where one has to share his space with many other individuals. It gives them a chance to connect with many other professionals and students. People can discuss a lot about different subject matters such as career, growth, companies, etc. Staying at such places opens the door of opportunity for many like-minded people.

Therefore, if you like interacting with people and want to make friends in a new city, then you should choose to stay in PG over any other accommodation option.

Proximity to workplace or universities

Nowadays, one of the major issues faced by the population is daily traffic congestion. Nobody can think of staying far places and getting himself stuck in traffic. If one thinks of buying a rental flat near the workplace, then he could not do so because of the hiked price rate of such properties. The only option left which is affordable and curbs issues such as traffic congestion is of staying in the closest proximity to PG.

This way, a person would be able to save his crucial time and become more productive throughout the day.

These are the advantages that a PG offers. People can choose the type of Pg according to their requirements. However, a single room PG in Bangalore is considered always an ideal option for youngsters.